Digital 180 with Upromise's Head of Web Strategy Aboud Yaqub

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, recently caught up with Aboud Yaqub, the VP of Web Strategy of Upromise. Launched in April 2001, today Upromise is a major, private source of college funding contributions in America, with over 10 million members and nearly $500 million in member rewards.

If you are looking for tips and tricks to build and engage an online community Aboud’s insights are a "must see":

  1. The role of social media in building a loyal online community
  2. A recent example using Facebook to build engagement with the brand
  3. How to measure success using social media

Visit the Digital 180 channel on YouTube for 3-minute insights from other leading digerati including President Jack Kiefer, Enfatico’s CEO Torrence Boone and the head of marketing from Visible Measures, Matt Cutler.

Have a suggestion for the next interview? Leave me a comment with who you’d like to hear from next on Digital 180.

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