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AMEX and Discover Dive Into Savings

With the credit market still in a state of disarray, traditional credit card companies are looking for ways to diversify their sources of funding. Two of the industry’s largest competitors in the card arena, Discover and American Express, have recently begun to offer a portfolio of savings products that compete directly with longtime leaders in this space like ING Direct, and relatively new entrants such as Ally Bank. This is

Barnes & Noble Looks to Challenge Kindle’s e-Book Dominance

In July, launched the e-books section of their online bookstore with the intention of capitalizing on the growing market. Consumers have increasingly been turning to e-books that equip a reader with added conveniences and often a chic electronic device. Although Barnes & Noble lacks, at least for the time being, an e-reader similar to Sony’s e-reader or Kindle,’s industry leading e-reader, digital bookworms welcomed the new e-bookstore with

Walmart: A Growing Giant — Part 1

When it comes to brick and mortar retailers, Walmart is clearly the market leader just by its sheer size. In fact, Walmart’s dominance transfers online where it received 33M visitors in August which was 10% more than the next closest brick and mortar rival, Target. Not only does Walmart attract more consumers but it is also growing at a faster rate than Target. For the past 6 months has

Why Gold’s Gym Lost to Cankles

In July, Gold’s Gym worked with their agency, McKinney, to launch, a "light-hearted" effort to generate buzz around "Cankle Awareness Month." For those who are not familiar this "˜aesthetic affliction’ that impacts thousands of woman (sure you’re not), the site does a great job at breaking down the highly scientific term as "the combination of "˜calf’ and "˜ankle.’ It occurs when the calf merges with an obese or swollen

Is GPS a Google Maps and MapQuest Killer?

Despite carrying along my GPS navigation unit and an iPhone, with its featured Google Maps widget, I did not feel fully comfortable embarking on my drive until I also had my Mapquest directions printout laid out next to me. While I imagine many people may find it overkill to have both a GPS and printed directions, I wondered whether I was the only GPS owner still relying on online maps.

August Search Market Share: Google Still Volume Leader, but Consumers Taking Advantage of Bing Paid Links

Search Share Since its launch at the beginning of June, Microsoft’s Bing has been gaining traction in the search realm, and is proving itself to be a viable competitor to Yahoo! and Google. Bing has seen increase in its search volume for the past three months straight. Out of the "big five engines" Bing and AOL are the only ones who can make that claim. In terms of core search

August Search Term Biggest Movers Are Here

What terms drove the greatest query volume spike? Let’s take a look at some of the fastest growing terms since this time last year to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Findings: The upward trend in search as a means of navigation continues. Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter account for a large portion of this growth. Yahoo! mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Hotmail all make

Unified Communications, Converged Mobile Applications and Visual Voicemail"¦ Who really cares anyway?

Last summer, I wrote about the growing interest in Unified Communication Solutions and the implications for telecom providers. As a refresher, we think of Unified Communications (UC) as technology that offers users choices in how they manage communications from home phones, voicemail, video services, email, etc. Since last year, I have seen the likes of AT&T, Google and Comcast introduce and announce UC solutions that are simply posing as very

Top 25 Retail Sites

Each month, Compete takes a look at the top 25 most-trafficked web sites within one of industry categories. Back-to-school shopping played a role in shaping the top 25 retail web sites for July. Amazon Stays at Number One Budget-conscious consumers seem to be finding a safe haven with the discount retailers, and this, in part, helped retain its number-one spot on the top 25 list. The site attracted 67.2

August Data is Live: Summer’s Out & Football Season Is In

August data is live and there was plenty of movement with the summer winding down, back to school, back to business, and the kickoff of football season. Football Season For marketers, the college and NFL action during football season translates to major ad spend, and as the action heats up, fans jump online to stay in tune. Football sites saw a sharp uptick in seasonal traffic in August, with Unique

Digital 180 Speaks with Hill Holliday’s Chief Media and Digital Officer

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Baba Shetty, chief media and digital officer at Hill Holliday. Baba provided insights into two successful digital campaigns: An app built for Dunkin’ Brands that had an iPhone version and a web-based version A content hub for Liberty Mutual Hill Holliday built an app called "Dunkin’ Run" based upon behavior they observed of people wanting to go to Dunkin’ Donuts. "We kind