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Back-to-School Shoppers Hit Web Early

As a child, I remember the final weeks of summer meant only one thing: the first day of school was near. Students across the country will soon be forced to say goodbye to their carefree days of summer and return to the classroom. While children typically dread this time of the year, parents may be anxious for an entirely different reason: the expenses of back-to-school shopping. In these tough economic

July Highlights: Healthcare, Twitter Tools Climb

July data is live and there are tons of tasty data nuggets ready on! Healthcare is top of mind and “cash for clunkers” sent droves of people online to research how they could get the most bang for their rusty rides. Plus, the Twitter craze spells success for Twitter tools riding its coat tails. Top Health Insurance and Physician Websites On July 28th, Compete released a list of the

Ronaldo Tops Soccer Shopping, Donovan & Altidore Make Strong Showing for U.S.

I’m a Manchester United fan and my coworker, Marko, is a Liverpool supporter. The debate about which team is better is pretty simple (especially because United won the league this season) because it’s settled on the field. FIFA passes out a Player of the Year award every year, but that argument is a bit more subjective. Popularity isn’t necessarily proportional to talent, but they are closely related and although we

Who’s Cashing in on All Those Clunkers?

In a recent Compete blog, we discussed the cash for clunkers government program CARS (Cars Allowance Rebate System) and the amount of online attention it drew from new vehicle prospects, both in terms of unique visitors to the site and to OEM sites. That attention, combined with attractive incentives to junk an old gas guzzler and replace it with a newer, more fuel efficient model contributed to a July

Shoes, Drinks, and All-Wheel-Drive

On June 1st, DC Shoes released what became a viral video of their sponsored rally racer, Ken Block, tearing through a Los Angeles wharf in a custom built Subaru WRX. After it blasts out of a warehouse, the modified rally car screeches around cinder blocks and between steel freight containers — narrowly missing every obstacle. Videos like this, with their raw camera angles and Matrix-like slow-motion, bring out the dare

The battle for cell phone customers continues: Palm Pre coming to Verizon Wireless

Last week Verizon Wireless’s COO confirmed that the carrier would be begin selling the Palm Pre smartphone in "˜early 2010′. It’s no surprise that the Pre will wind up at both CDMA-based carriers eventually.  However, it is surprising how soon the device will be available from another carrier after its initial exclusive launch at Sprint in June 2009.The stakes could be high for Verizon Wireless here. Sure, they are the

That New Car Smell"¦Smells Like $4,500

There is buzz in the news about U.S. auto sales numbers having remarkable growth in July.  The “cash for clunkers” government program CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) most certainly had something to do with that.   The main focus of the government program is to get older vehicles that typically get less than 18 mpg (miles per gallon) off the street, and replace those vehicles with more fuel efficient alternatives by

With Consumer Interest in Energy Efficiency Rising Online, Some Utilities May Be Missing Out

When Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu visited the Daily Show with John Stewart last week, he couldn’t give Stewart an honorary membership to the National Academy of Sciences, so instead Chu gave Steward a "Nerds of America Society" t-shirt. t Secretary Chu, a Nobel Prize winner who recently joined Facebook, was on Comedy Central boosting the administration’s $60 billion investment in American clean energy and energy efficiency in front of

Suzuki SX4 — Mightier Than Honda Fit?

Suzuki ran an ad for its SX4 Crossover in 2009 that compared it to the Mini Cooper. “Mightier Than the Mini” the ad proclaimed as it spelled out how the SX4 was superior to its small car competitor. The mission was to create new demand as well as tap into exiting Mini demand (i.e., funnel pre-existing Mini demand to SX4). The ad ran once in Q1 and again in June

Pizza Hut Cooks Up Winning Recipe Online

Similar to the fast food burger rivalries, seemingly everyone has an opinion about which pizza is the best (Papa John’s). Many take pride in finding the little mom and pop shops that have the best sauce (Fortunato’s, Baltimore), but when it comes to the national level, three establishments have outpaced the rest; Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Monthly unique visitor traffic to these three sites remains relatively close, but