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Alice Likely to Finally Convince Many to Purchase Everyday Products Online

After over a decade of caution, paired with a few false starts and missteps along the way, the world’s largest advertisers, namely consumer packaged goods manufacturers, are getting serious about selling their wares online. The makers of much of what fills the shelves of our nation’s grocery stores, drugstores and mass merchants are exploring new ways to use the web not just to promote their brands, but to finally sell

Married to Twitter but Not Feeling the Love

Let’s face it. At this point, if you’re not somehow plugged into Twitter, you’re either asleep at the wheel, in complete denial, or my mother. For most people, the allure of real time news, spicy celebrity gossip, and an endless flow of whimsical trivialities from the Twitter pipe is simply irresistible. For marketers, however, Twitter is not all fun and games — especially when dollars, customer relationships, and brand credibility

Airline "˜Twares’ are "˜Cheep’: Measuring Twitter’s Impact on Airline Bookings

Twitter continues to capture the attention and imagination of marketers; the site has posted twenty consecutive months of all time highs in site traffic. Its 23M+ monthly user base (as of July) provides a huge opportunity for brand marketers to directly engage customers, drive brand awareness, and drive revenue. Jetblue, Southwest and United are the most active airline brands on Twitter with approximately 1M, 460K & 30K "˜followers’ respectively (at

"Facebook" Queries Up 5x, "Twitter" Up 14x Since Last Year

July search term biggest movers are here! What terms drove the greatest query volume spike? Let’s take a look at some of the fastest growing terms since this time last year to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Findings: Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, and YouTube have seen explosive traffic growth in the past year and to follow suit their query volumes have grown substantially While portal

July Search Market Share: Bing Continues to Gain Share but Paid Referrals Flatten Out

So now that we are two months into the Bing launch, where has the $100 million ad budget and loads of PR coverage gotten Microsoft? Well on many fronts Bing seems to winning a few hearts and minds but regarding the bottomline connections it’s a little less straight forward. Bing continued to build Microsoft’s search share, but paid search clicks didn’t grow at the same rate. Last month we told

Twittering Your Way to Online Shoppers

Earlier this summer, there were several reports that Dell has made $3M thanks to its use of Twitter, mainly to notify people about outlet deals on The microblogging service that garnered media attention with reports on things as trivial as celebrity feuds and as serious as protest of the Iranian election results also had a tangible dollar amount associated with its use. The Dell announcement also provided a benchmark

How Much Is Our Behavior Worth?

Looking to add to your summertime reading list? I recommend the new report from Harvard Business School professors John Deighton and John Quelch and Hamilton Consultants, “Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem” (full disclosure: John Deighton was my marketing professor). The report was created for the IAB to explain the online advertising sector to public policy makers, and literally calculates how much the Internet is worth to the U.S.

Restaurant Week Promotions Gaining Online

It is restaurant week here in Boston, a two week promotion to encourage diners to try out someplace new. Offered twice a year, you could say that it has a very "˜seasonal’ trend. This is a good example of how localized events like restaurant week, which happens all across the country, can identify and target a hard to reach segment. I took a closer look at some of the traffic

Flight Fee Cuts Launch Orbitz

In March and April of this year, some of the biggest online travel agencies (OTAs) cut their flight booking fees. The booking fee changes were largely a response to competitive pressures: why would a consumer pay a fee on an OTA site when the same flight is available at the same price on the airline site without a fee? Moreover, Priceline has been operating without flight booking fees since the

Who’s Your Java Mama?

Recently, Slate Magazine released an article comparing the coffee brews of Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and McDonalds. Surprisingly, the coffee shop whose biz is dedicated to coffee first came in last. Starbucks was the worst rated, next to McDononald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts was the winner. People are passionate about their coffee and the rivalry between Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts definitely runs deep. My first thought was that these results were impacted

Is Comcast’s Triple Play Bundle Posing a Triple Threat?

Winning over cable TV customers is no simple feat. Competition is fierce, and leading telecom service providers offer bundled services that balance savings with premium services that consumers want. Cable provider Comcast recently attempted to leverage its high definition (HD) television service, a technology becoming popular with consumers, with a triple play bundle promotion. Comcast is marketing a HD Triple Play bundle across media channels. The bundle includes free HD