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June Highlights: Bing is Big, Circuit City is Back

The past week has been a big one for Compete! In addition to June data going live, we launched some exciting enhancements to Compete PRO Enterprise, our most powerful Compete PRO offering. Enterprise subscribers now have access to 220 industry category profiles and 45 behavioral segments to make it easier to discover, take action, and measure online marketing performance. Top 250 Website List Now Available! All Compete PRO customers now

Over 7 million Search Queries for "˜Michael Jackson’ in June 2009; the Second Fastest Growing Term

June search term biggest movers are here! What terms drove the greatest monthly query volume spike? Let’s take a look at the fastest growing (and declining) terms since last month to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Growing Search Term Findings: Celebrity deaths take the cake; Billy Mays ("Billy Mays here for Compete search terms"), and Michael Jackson (long live the king) Howard Stern kept

June Search Market Share: Bing Shines in a Rough June for Search

What does $100 million advertising budget and mountains of PR get you? If you’re Microsoft launching a new search engine, the answer is becoming clearer. In its first month on the job, Bing has raised Microsoft’s search market share by 0.3pts to 6.5%. That might not seem like much, but keep in mind two key points. First, Bing’s major gains came in the last week of June. Microsoft started TV

Will Pottermania Strike Again?

On July 15, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will finally hit theaters. It’s been a two year wait for fans who last saw a film based on J.K. Rowling’s popular book series in July 2007, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. So far, I haven’t seen the same frenzy around all things Potter as I did two years ago, when anticipation around the new movie and the

Compete Pro Enterprise adds Categories!

Today is an exciting day for Compete and our customers! We’ve been working on enhancements to Compete PRO Enterprise, for the past several months and today we’re releasing the result of our efforts: Compete Category Profiles provide a web wide view of traffic, search, and engagement metrics across over 220 industries and 45 Behavioral Segments to our Enterprise customers. "But wait a minute," we hear you saying, "How can this

AOL Seeks to Replicate TMZ’s Success

TMZ, which first broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death, continued to out-reach celebrity gossip rags in covering the superstar’s funereal final curtain yesterday. TMZ was developed in-house at AOL in December, 2005, a few months after AOL acquired Jason Calcanis’ Weblogs, Inc. for $25M. The deal brought several notable blogs like Engadget, Joystiq, TV Squad and Autoblog to the massive audience at, which had 55M UV in June

Digital 180 with Visible Measures' Matt Cutler

Visible Measures is an authority on measuring the consumption and distribution of online videos and Matt Cutler, the Visible Measures VP of Marketing and Analytics, recently spoke with Digital 180. While everyone is already familiar with online video, its function in branding campaigns is still evolving. Matt shares his ideas on how social video differs from viral, what trends he sees emerging in the near future, and what company is

Volunteerism Interest Increases Online – Obama Influence or Economy?

Following the spirit of service promoted by her husband’s administration, Michelle Obama recently opened the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco, speaking to the importance of volunteering. The First Lady announced a summer-long program — "˜United We Serve’ — stressing the importance of including civic service in lives of Americans. Despite the fact that the administration’s volunteer initiatives as still taking shape, we can already see some

Did You Google Bing?

It’s now been just over one month since the Kumo shroud fell on March 25 and brand Bing was born. In that first week (5/24 — 5/30) Compete saw 719,390 U.S. visitors. In the launch week that followed, U.S. traffic to jumped to 21.1 million visitors, generating a 36% lift in traffic to Microsoft search sites. Last week, (6/21 — 6/27), which witnessed the deaths of Michael Jackson and

White Gloves & Thrown Elections: Michael Jackson vs. Iran

We saw how media attention drove Twitter’s share of searchers on the Iran Election to record heights two weeks ago. A barrage of mainstream media and blogosphere chatter swarmed the digerati’s collective consciousness, fusing their favorite techno-democratic phenom with Iranian political discontent. Then the white glove dropped. MJ’s passing sent a megaton shock through the worldwide pop firmament of Planet Earth, rousing memories of Thriller from billions, even the Haters.

Did the iPhone 3G S Steal the Palm Pre’s Thunder?

I must admit, I am quite taken with the Palm Pre. The hype, predictably, has been enormous. And the handset itself is very well put together. Online reviews rave about it. After playing with my friend’s new Pre, I have to agree with them: it is one cool handset. But before the Pre could bask in the media spotlight for long, Apple whooshed in two days later to announce its