Compete Pro Enterprise adds Categories!

Today is an exciting day for Compete and our customers! We’ve been working on enhancements to Compete PRO Enterprise, for the past several months and today we’re releasing the result of our efforts: Compete Category Profiles provide a web wide view of traffic, search, and engagement metrics across over 220 industries and 45 Behavioral Segments to our Enterprise customers.

"But wait a minute," we hear you saying, "How can this new Compete PRO Enterprise feature help me?" We’re glad you asked!

How Compete PRO Enterprise can help you:

Track Market Share: Use Compete’s Category Profiles to track market share and understand daily changes across your competitive landscape. For instance, the graph below shows how market share of visitors has changed over a one-year period for five leading car rental companies in the Car Rental category.

Benchmark Performance: Use Compete’s Category Profiles to benchmark your own traffic and engagement performance against the industry and identify fast-moving longer tail sites within the group. The graph below shows how trends in page views of four different cooking websites compare to all page views captured by the Cooking category.

Take Action: Use Compete’s Category Profiles and Behavioral Segments to understand and design specific media plans and campaigns to reach unique consumer groups. For instance, you can see all the search keywords that are driving traffic to sites in a specific category (Cooking Industry keywords shown below) or behavioral segment and make sure you have incorporated them into your SEM campaigns.

While full Categories access is only available to Enterprise customers, all of our PRO customers can still experience the power of Categories through the Compete 250, an index of the top 250 trafficked sites across the web. Check out the latest data from the month of June to see which sites moved quickly, which sites were the most engaging, and where consumers spent the most time online.

To learn more about Categories, Behavioral Segments, and the full Compete PRO Enterprise suite of tools, click here.

And once you’ve looked over the new capabilities, let us know what you’d like to see next. 2009 is only half over and our business is built on meeting your needs!

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