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Are Camera Phones Killing the Digital Camera?

Convergence of mobile technologies is often treated as a foregone conclusion; the assumption is that, at some point, all of today’s gadgetry will be consolidated in a single device. Sony Ericsson recently released the 905a mobile phone to AT&T subscribers. The 905a mobile phone features an 8 megapixel camera bearing Sony’s Cyber-shot moniker usually reserved for its line of digital cameras. This is clearly a sign of convergence, but is

Guest Post: How I use as a Publisher

With an overwhelming amount of online data available, pinpointing relevant data to support marketing initiatives is a challenging task. Even the most experienced online publishers can easily be inundated with all of the tools, applications, and articles that flood the internet. Here at Compete, we pool all of the relevant information you’ll need to fuel competitive marketing decisions (like you didn’t know that). More specifically, in this blog post I

Yahoo!’s New Homepage Should Lift Engagement and Revenue

Google’s Spartan white homepage took the top spot among publisher homepages in June, with Yahoo!’s a bit behind and Facebook gaining fast. Jockeying amid major publishers has been intense this year, with MSN and AOL making concerted efforts to break their way in and up the ranks. A few months ago we took a look at the relationship between domains and homepages, revealing that a big domain absolutely does not

Cross-Channel Retail: What are online customers doing today?

There has been a lot written recently about cross-channel retail in terms of the value to the retailer and importance to consumers. Aside from survey results, few hard facts have been published. Possibly this is because it’s hard to gather data and measure it, let alone do this for multiple retailers to make an apples to apples comparison. Even the definition is not immediately obvious to many industry folks. Some

Is Hulu’s "Evil Plot to Take Over the World" Working?

I’ve never paid for cable. It’s not that I don’t enjoy TV. I do enjoy it, perhaps a little too much, which is why I’ve always thought it better to steer clear of cable and satellite services. For a while I led a happy existence — reading books, frolicking in the sunshine, and maintaining a marginal degree of intelligence. Then Hulu came along with its "evil plot to destroy the

Progressive Insurance Gets Flo Going with Women Followers

Last week, Compete launched Ad Impact, a new offering that measures the effectiveness of online advertising. We decided to take Ad Impact for a test drive and what better place to start than with an online ad for auto insurance. You may recognize the character above from Progressive‘s peppy TV commercials. The character’s name is Flo and it turns out she has something of a cult following. Flo has her

Netflix Continues Dominance in Online Movie Rentals

I’ve am a long-time member of Blockbuster’s online rental program and have been shouting from my soapbox that its in-store exchange policy makes the Blockbuster program a better alternative than Netflix. My argument took a hit recently when I was welcomed by a sign on the door of my local Blockbuster store that read, “50% off all movies. No rentals at this location.” This is the second time in the

The Internet Vs. Al Ries

In a trade publication last month, marketing guru Al Ries proudly declared that “determining the ROI of a marketing program is an expensive exercise with little or no value — an experienced marketing executive instinctively knows whether a marketing program is working or not.” He countered one CMO’s perspective on the value of analytics, by concluding that the practice of marketing “is not even 1% mathematics.” With math-bashing marketing hand

At Your Service — A look at The Home Depot and Lowe’s Online Customer Service

As a renter, I never understood why Home Depot and Lowe’s were so popular. Then, I bought my first house. I lost track, but believe that first month of home ownership resulted in me going to THD approximately 537 times. As these two titans continue to battle for contractor and consumer’s hearts and wallets, The Home Depot has taken a page from Hoosier’s Coach Norman Dale’s playbook and announced a

Huffington Post Still Growing Post-Election

Politico’s Michael Calderon recently discussed the success of the Huffington Post, noting the Center for America Progress’ Eric Alterman referencing the site as a ""˜community newspaper’ for the liberal community." The site has gained considerable popularity since its launch four years ago, so we looked at how the Huffington Post compared to other popular left-leaning blogs and liberal websites as a whole using the new behavior segment features available with

Christmas in July: Why holiday 2009 looks promising for consumer technology retailers on the web

We’ve all heard the term "˜Christmas in July’, but have you ever wondered where it came from? It originated in Europe to describe overheated residents’ summer cravings for cool December weather. And just as the Europeans yearned for a break from the heat, US retailers are dreaming of strong sales for the 2009 holiday season after months of trying economic times. But is this upcoming holiday season the one that