Monthly Archives: June 2009

Both Consumers and Banks Push For Stability In The Current Economy

It seems that every day we hear different news about the economy in terms of a turn towards recovery. The stock market is continually fluctuating based on news in the job market, housing prices, and the nation’s financial institutions. While the hope is that there is nowhere to go but up, many of our banking centers are still struggling within the current climate. As a result, 36 banks have already

Mother’s Day Switcheroo: Cross-Shopping Homepage Advertisers

The biggest day of the year for the flower industry is Mother’s Day. As a follow up to our study of Valentine’s Day advertising, we took a look at homepage ads that ran ahead of this crucial holiday, when weekly traffic to major flower retailer sites can shoot up as much as 500%. Once again, and took out full-day banner ads on the, and homepages.

Is there a bank in Comcast Town? (Part 2)

How did the cable provider Comcast try driving engagement with its brand and ultimately online conversion through social media? As I continued my analysis from my last post on, I wanted to see how engaged visitors were and if the experience drove more online conversion on Last time, I highlighted how integrated with In this post I thought I would see if’s engagement is

Digital 180 with IAB’s Randall Rothenberg

IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg stopped by to discuss some of interactive marketing’s pressing issues after his presentation at the recent TNS Media Digital CMO Summit. Among several topics, Randall examines governmental regulatory issues that are effecting the space, as well as the tension between direct, short-term and long-term branding marketing efforts. For more observation and discussion about some of the latest marketing trends, watch the other Digital 180

Location Based Services: Why smartphone apps will pay off for advertisers, carriers, application providers

In the last few weeks, the wireless world has been buzzing about location-based services (LBS), applications made primarily for wireless devices that use GPS, WiFi or cellular radio signals (or a combination of all three) that enable consumers to get information and advertisers to reach them based on their location. Some recent developments include: Buzzd, a new, featured application on RIM’s BlackBerry AppWorld that allows users to find nearby restaurants,

Amazon’s Kindle Ads Drive Interest, while Search Delivers Results

Amazon’s sheer size (65 million unique visitors in April) gives it a powerful soapbox from which it can pitch virtually anything to its captive audience. Many of the tens of millions of U.S. consumers that visit its homepage each month have undoubtedly noticed the site’s ongoing, fervent promotion of its popular Kindle ebook reader. Since the original Kindle launched in late 2007, Amazon has marketed Kindle almost without interruption on