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Target vs. Wal-Mart: Online Conversion Battle Heats Up

For several months, retailers have been reporting declining in-store sales but increasing online sales. So what does the all important e-commerce space look like for two of the largest retailers? Last month, Wal-Mart attracted more visitors than Target to its website and 47% of Wal-Mart visitors looked at a product compared to 31% of Target visitors. However, among shoppers who viewed a product, Target had a higher shopping cart interaction

Digital 180 with Virgin Mobile’s Bob Stohrer

Bob Stohrer of Virgin Mobile talked with the Digital 180 series about the unique marketing challenges facing a company that operates without a customer contract. He also shared his thoughts on finding the optimal media mix and the importance of churn reduction. To hear more insights from some of the top marketers in various industries, check out the Digital 180 channel and check back with the Compete blog for new

May Data Highlights: Twitter’s Growth Shows Signs of Fatigue

May’s data is here and it’s hot! It was a big month and the data shows some tell-tale signs that Twitter’s days of monster growth are waning, Microsoft’s $100 million marketing budget for Bing may be paying off, and the sour economy is not negatively impacting summer vacation plans. Twitter Site Visitors Put on the Brakes It had to happen eventually, and May was the month that traffic to

Touchscreens: A silver bullet in the wireless phone market?

On Saturday, Palm released the Pre, the latest in a long line of potential iPhone killers. While the iPhone was not the first device to offer a touchscreen, its popularity has made the technology more common on major release Smartphones. Many factors have an impact on consumer choice, particularly when buying something as complex as a mobile phone; price, network coverage, carrier, applications, and many others. But what about touchscreens?

Bing Attracts New Searchers, But So Far Only For a Trial

Unless you’re completely new to the internet industry, or have been on vacation for the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard a lot about Bing, Microsoft’s slick new search engine. On June 1st, Microsoft officially launched Bing with $100M ad campaign, including TV commercials, and started redirecting traffic from Live Search and vertical search engines like Farecast over to So how’s it going? At first glance, not too bad.

Jon and Kate Divorce Rumor Searches Soar, those for Britain’s Got Talent’s Susan Boyle Plunge

May search term biggest movers are here! What terms drove the greatest monthly query volume spike? Let’s take a look at the fastest growing (and declining) terms since last month to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Findings: Rumors have surfaced around the divorce of Jon and Kate Plus 8 parents Jon and Kate Gosselin Photos of the car crash that killed Nikki Catsouras on

May Search Market Share: Pre-Bing Launch, Sponsored Referrals Dip at MSN/Live

Last month, we posted on how paid clicks (or "sponsored referrals," to be a bit more precise) dropped precipitously on economic concerns and improved targeting. I received a couple of inquiries about what exactly this meant, so I’d like to take a quick minute and explain. First, Compete uses the term "referrals" instead of clicks because we track both queries and referrals. You click your mouse twice when you search:

Oprah, Twitter and Chicken"¦This is no Crossing of the Road Joke

Thinking back to my childhood, a week just wasn’t complete in the Bulger house if my grandmother didn’t get her fill of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a tradition that she looked forward to all week, yet never once did I see an angry mob of people knocking down a KFC’s door demanding free chicken. However, this past month, when Colonel Sanders and Oprah Winfrey cooked up a little free

Digital 180 with J.D. Power’s Gene Cameron

The auto industry has seen many changes recently and J.D. Power‘s Gene Cameron spoke with the Digital 180 series to share his views on some of these developments. Gene also relates how ROI in the industry is evolving to include both shopping behavior and the purchase, as well as other advances he has seen of late. For more observation and discussion about some of the latest marketing trends, watch the

May Data Is Live on!

Check out the May monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists. Highlights from May include Twitter’s recently surging traffic flattening out. And as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily!

Bank Stress Test Results Out: Were the tests successful?

The results of the stress tests conducted on some of the nation’s largest banks were announced on the 7th of May. The tests were intended to distinguish the "˜strong’ banks from the "˜weak,’ and to instill confidence in the market. Of the nineteen banks that were stress-tested, nine banks were deemed "˜strong’ while ten were asked to raise more capital in case the recession runs deeper and longer than expected.