Top Coupon Sites: Saving Money Now Easier, More Popular Than Ever

When an extra minute or two checking around for a coupon code could save you money on an online purchase, it certainly seems worth the time. I can’t remember the last time I bought something online without checking for a coupon code first, and I’m just one of 32 million consumers in the U.S. that visited a coupon site last month (up from 28 million a year ago).

Compete’s recently released list of the top 10 Coupon and Deal sites shows a changing landscape over the past year as economic woes have weighed on consumers’ willingness to make purchases.

Among the top sites, is still the clear-cut leader, however the gap has closed since last year and the big mover on the list is RetailMeNot’s collaborative approach to coupon and deal hunting has helped it stand out in a crowded field of coupon sites and made it top-of-mind for shoppers. Consumers not only find deals on the site, but rate each deal code and share what they find, driving the best deals to the head of the list. Over 50,000 consumers share coupon codes on the site each month. In addition, the site jumped from sixth to third in our rankings over the past year, with nearly 200% growth in visitors. RetailMeNot captured 18% of all searches for the term "˜coupon code’ over the past three months, 4X higher than its closest competitor (