Is there a bank in Comcast Town? (Part 2)

How did the cable provider Comcast try driving engagement with its brand and ultimately online conversion through social media?

As I continued my analysis from my last post on, I wanted to see how engaged visitors were and if the experience drove more online conversion on Last time, I highlighted how integrated with In this post I thought I would see if’s engagement is even close to engagement as well as compare it to engagement. averaged 1.1 visits per person in March and a little over 3 ½ minutes per visit. These numbers suggest the site was more of a one hit wonder than an engaging experience. Compare that to which averaged nearly 17 visits per person and 17 minutes per stay for the month. This isn’t surprising when only 5% of the visitors registered on the site and only those that registered could truly interact with the virtual world.

OK, so this isn’t much of a surprise when comparing engagement to engagement, but how did compare to attracted more repeat visits with 3.6 visits per person compared to 1.1 for However, visitors spent nearly a minute more on the site checking it out. Unfortunately, visitors did not necessarily return to the site within the same month.

While did not reach very many consumers, 2.5% of those who visited the site, submitted an order for digital voice, internet, cable TV, or a bundle of those services on in the same month. This conversion rate was nearly 50% higher than’s overall conversion rate in March 2009.

While’s visitors aren’t very engaged on the microsite, they are interested in purchasing Comcast’s services online. I have to wonder though if it was worth the cost to develop the microsite and the integration with Facebook for the limited number of consumers the microsite reached.

This analysis was performed using Site Profile on and a combination of Compete’s Marketing and Landing Page Effectiveness intelligence.