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The Role of Search in the Online Auto Insurance Market

Compete recently held a webinar in which we analyzed the role that search plays in consumers’ online research for auto insurance. The study revealed some interesting findings about just how prevalent search is within the consumer buying cycle. Some of the key findings from this webinar include: Online auto insurance shopper volume has increased and price is the key driver of consumer choice 90% of those looking to replace an

MJ or Bust: Millions Hit Web to Learn of the Loss of Their "King of Pop"

They say things come in threes, but I don’t think anyone expected the final glove to fall with such shocking news. Last week’s trio of celebrity death’s started with TV Icon, Ed McMahon (86), Super Model, Farrah Fawcett (62), and ended with the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson (51). Sure, the passing of Mr. McMahon and Ms. Fawcett was given main stream media attention. However, MJ’s death caused an online

Digital 180 with President Jack Kiefer

Jack Kiefer, the founder, President, and CEO of, has some interesting insights on the current trends in digital marketing after being in the game for many years. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of customer acquisition over the past decade, from AOL to shopping comparison to Google, and where it is heading now. has also been able cut back on their search spend without seeing a drop

With Help from Media, Twitter Overtakes Google as Leading Search Engine for "Iran+Election"

Last week’s craze over Twitter and Iran was the height of media buzzdom. Democracy + social media + possible election fraud = PR Gold. The State Department asking Twitter to delay server maintenance? A former National Security Advisor honcho suggesting Twitter should get the Nobel Prize?! That’s so good, even the craziest novelist couldn’t make it up. But what was really happening in Iran and on Twitter? Some sobering thoughts

T-Mobile and Friends with Benefits?

Over the next two years, I could save $721 in cell phone bills if I switched to a 1000 anytime minute individual T-Mobile plan plus 300 text messages and unlimited web. That’s according to, a site that tells you which wireless carrier could save you money when you enter information about your cell phone usage, what you are paying, and where you use the phone. The site offers a

Top Coupon Sites: Saving Money Now Easier, More Popular Than Ever

When an extra minute or two checking around for a coupon code could save you money on an online purchase, it certainly seems worth the time. I can’t remember the last time I bought something online without checking for a coupon code first, and I’m just one of 32 million consumers in the U.S. that visited a coupon site last month (up from 28 million a year ago). Compete’s recently

Unemployment Claims Sites Seeing Dramatic Increases in Traffic.

As the nation’s unemployment rate continues to climb, it seems the newly jobless are increasingly filing and managing their unemployment online. Traffic to state unemployment claims filing domains has, not surprisingly, jumped drastically over the past year in areas hardest hit by the recession.  Markets affected most by the real estate implosion, such as California and Arizona ( & ), as well as those facing down the automotive meltdown,

For those about to, we salute you!

I stumbled upon a new site last month,, while I was perusing the top sites for attention every month. Just in case anyone was confused on what exactly that attention metric we talk about is; let’s use Facebook as an example. In June accounted for 6.55% of all seconds spent for every single person online across the entire US! That means for every 2 minutes spent in cyber

Summer Movie Blockbusters Go Big on MySpace

The summer movie blockbuster season is just about here, with major new releases set to hit theaters in the next couple weeks. Studies show that advertising support can break or make a blockbuster in the lead up to opening night. On the web, movie advertisers love big, bold banners on popular movie sites like Yahoo! Movies, Fandango and MySpace. Here at Compete, we’ve got an eye on the MySpace homepage

Palm Pre Shoots to Rival the iPhone Launch

Last week, Sprint and Palm released the Pre to rave reviews that praised the device for being the first true competition to the iPhone juggernaut. Palm and Sprint drove substantial traffic to their web sites with the announcement of the Pre at CES in January, in a move similar to Apple’s unveiling of the first generation iPhone at MacWorld two years earlier. Nearly 400,000 people visited Pre-related pages on

Digital 180 with Canoe Ventures' David Verklin

Canoe Ventures CEO David Verklin spoke with Digital 180 about the exciting changes on the horizon for television. Canoe Ventures, working with the six biggest cable providers in the U.S., is working to change the cable viewing experience and David shares how this will be done with interactivity, targeted advertising, and more. Check out the Digital 180 channel and check back with the Compete blog to hear about more exciting