Monthly Archives: May 2009

Prepaid Wireless the new "Cheap Chic"

We all know that times are tough. As consumers try to find ways to cut costs, Fifth Avenue designers are flocking to strip malls, discount stores are introducing even more affordable designer clothing lines, and celebrity chefs are opening gourmet sandwich shops instead of posh restaurants. "Cheap" is definitely the new "chic." Prepaid service is becoming the "cheap chic" of the wireless world. No longer just for people with bad

How Twitter Can Drive Your Bottom Line

“Yes, I have tweeted.” If you’re a fan of Stephen Colbert, you’ll know that his boastful response to Meredith Viera earlier this month wasn’t phrased exactly that way, but it’s clear that America is tweeting along with him. So, how many people are using Twitter? According to Compete data, 14 million people visited in March, a 76% increase from February and a whopping 14 times more than March last

Swine Flu Infects the Web

Swine flu may not have officially reached pandemic levels yet, but the hype certainly has. It seems to be the headline in every publication and I can hardly have a conversation about anything without swine flu creeping in. And people have been turning to the web for the latest information from a variety of sources. Search destinations for ‘swine flu’ span several different categories, from major news sites to social