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Digital 180 Introduced at TNS Media Digital CMO Summit

This week, Compete is introducing Digital 180, an “online TV” series that hunts for new insights by going behind the scenes with some of the industry’s most innovative and influential marketers. It’s no mistake that we’re kicking off Digital 180 at the Digital CMO Summit in Newport, RI. Formerly Compete Customer Day, this event has grown from its humble roots as a gathering of select clients into a who’s who

April Search Market Share: Sponsored Referrals Drop Dramatically

Search market share and query volume didn’t change much in April, 2009, but sponsored referrals at some of the leading search engines took a big hit. Last month, query volume dipped a slight 5.4% at the leading search engines, and nearly all maintained their March market share. Concerns over Swine Flu, Opening Day at baseball parks across the country and buzz over Twitter weren’t enough to move the query dial

Raking in the Green: How going green is going from trendy to profitable

Earth Day 2009 was a couple of weeks ago now, but the buzz around "going green" is still alive and well. Last week I counted that, during a commercial break from "˜My Name is Earl,’ 4 of the 5 ads I saw contained a green message or promotion. In online advertising too, we at Compete have seen companies embrace green advertising across the board. All four major wireless carriers are

Spring is Time for Pets and Petco

“My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.” ~Author Unknown I’ll never forget the day I fell in love. I was driving north on the 5 in San Diego from the airport home to Del Mar. Cargo was flown in from Oklahoma City to San Diego and this cargo changed my life. I had been against getting a dog for

Do Online Strategies Drive Tire Prospects?

While the economy begins to show some signs of a recovery, including modest gains in consumer confidence, the auto industry continues to struggle as sales remain at historic lows. As more and more car and truck owners opt to keep their vehicles longer than originally planned, the need for auto service has grown. Among the many things that need to be replaced on an aging car are its tires. To

Does Ad Size Matter? It Depends What You Do With It

If you’ve visited the homepages of Yahoo!, AOL or MSN in the past couple of months, you may have noticed some really big banner ads. The online publishing industry has been experimenting with new ad sizes and formats lately, and it’s led to some very eye catching advertising. On the left is the ubiquitous "Medium Regular" banner ad that Kohl’s ran on the MSN homepage. On the right is the

April Data: Spring is in the air — Twitter, Micro-sites, and the Easter Effect

Another month has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of data and some interesting stories around springtime, sports, and social media. What changes did April bring? We dug into the numbers to look at fast moving sites, traffic trends, and some of the biggest stories of 2009 that we’ve been covering. Everybody’s asking about it, so we’ll kick it off with Twitter, an ever-growing presence in the social arena.

April Data is Live on Site Analytics!

Check out the April monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists. Highlights this month include a strong showing from as the basetball season got under way and the draft bringing a spike to during the off-season. And as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily! Site Redesign Video

Web Pro News recently took a look at’s new look at Ad Tech in San Francisco. Check out the video of Compete’s Aaron Prebluda showing highlights of the redesign. More WebProNews Videos We’d love to hear your feedback on the new look – please let us know what you think!

Trekkies Leading Strong Online Star Trek Movie Interest

Many of the blockbuster movies this year come with an established fan base from another medium, but Star Trek is unique in that its the sub-culture runs so deep that the Trekkie name has become has become common knowledge. I was curious to see if this strong group of followers was affecting where people are finding information about the movie. While official channels, social media sites and and major movie

The Boston Globe: Still Strong Online

Negotiations between the Boston Globe and the unions over cost-cutting have come to a successful conclusion, and it seems that the Globe will continue publishing. This is just one of many major newspapers to struggle recently, and yet another sign that traditional channels are losing ground to the internet. While the newspaper isn’t as widely circulated as it once was, the Boston Globe name still holds some weight and readers