Digital 180 Introduced at TNS Media Digital CMO Summit

This week, Compete is introducing Digital 180, an “online TV” series that hunts for new insights by going behind the scenes with some of the industry’s most innovative and influential marketers. It’s no mistake that we’re kicking off Digital 180 at the Digital CMO Summit in Newport, RI. Formerly Compete Customer Day, this event has grown from its humble roots as a gathering of select clients into a who’s who of marketing genius. This year, Digital CMO Summit 2009 featured 150 marketers representing the world’s biggest agencies, leading marketing technologist and, of course, iconic global brands.

For two days, we witnessed the future of our industry. Guided by the event’s theme, “Measuring Up,” the speakers talked about how internet and digital media are transforming their businesses, what they are doing to win online and how they are creating stronger connections between data-driven digital insights and meaningful ROI. Through presentations and panels, we not only learned how other brands “measure up,” but also we took home some never-before-revealed secrets for success.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to deliver interesting, insightful and useful programming through the Digital 180 channel. Through brief interviews, such as the one you’ll see below, and other video content, we’ll show you what leading digerati are thinking and, from time to time, provide our unique spin on news, events and our work. We hope you enjoy Digital 180, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.