Adam Lambert and Earth Day Top April’s Search Charts

American Idol fans doubled down in Adam Lambert searches as the "glam-rock sex god" delivered one hit performance after another last month. Lambert’s query share grew to over 1.3 million queries as fans flocked to see his "leather and spandex glory."

Earth Day
was April’s other top mover — skyrocketing nearly seven-fold to 800k searches. Earth Day also improved share by .006% — no small feat given April’s 13+ billion queries.

Rounding out the rest of the list were the familiar signs of Spring with the MLB, Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day all taking terms in the top slots.

Last month, searchers also said goodbye to Natasha Richardson, the English actress who died tragically in a ski accident. Her death captured enormous media and popular attention, reaching 4.7 million queries in March. Searchers also moved on after The Bachelor season ended with another happy long-term couple. Queries for the show fell from 1.4 million to 40k.

The Watchman movie, NCAA March Madness and AIG rounded out the list of search terms that lost the public’s interest in April.