Trekkies Leading Strong Online Star Trek Movie Interest

Many of the blockbuster movies this year come with an established fan base from another medium, but Star Trek is unique in that its the sub-culture runs so deep that the Trekkie name has become has become common knowledge. I was curious to see if this strong group of followers was affecting where people are finding information about the movie.

While official channels, social media sites and and major movie online destinations make up the majority of the list, a couple fan-based sites show up in the top ten, something we didn’t see as much of couple months ago for Watchmen. Both and were started by fans and have no official ties to the movie or the series. Movie marketers would be well-served to tap into unofficial but influential sites like these for future releases with a similar following.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, one of the season’s first blockbusters, was released last week and provides a good point for comparison, both because of release date and the established group of fans from the X-Men comics and earlier films.

Considering that Wolverine opened with over $85 million in its first weekend and was only able to slightly overtake Star Trek in Reach for the official websites during the week of its launch (and still a week before Star Trek’s), it looks like the Trekkies and other movie-goers could make this upcoming opening weekend an epic one.