The Boston Globe: Still Strong Online

Negotiations between the Boston Globe and the unions over cost-cutting have come to a successful conclusion, and it seems that the Globe will continue publishing. This is just one of many major newspapers to struggle recently, and yet another sign that traditional channels are losing ground to the internet.

While the newspaper isn’t as widely circulated as it once was, the Boston Globe name still holds some weight and readers are seeking it out in different form. hosts the online version of the Boston Globe as well as content from other sources, including job search powered by Monster and car search powered by Six of the top ten terms driving traffic to included mention of the Globe. The site had nearly five and a half million unique visitors last month, which is up 74% from March of last year and 120% from two years ago.

The physical version of the paper is going through tough times, but demand for the reporting remains high. Hopefully this agreement between the paper and the unions marks the beginnings of finding a solution so that readers can continue to get their news in whatever form they please.