Monthly Archives: May 2009

Cost Savings Message Proves Effective for Retailers

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about a case study on the effectiveness of two ads Kohl’s ran on the homepage of MSN and the homepage of AOL. Recall that the difference between the two ads Kohl’s ran was that the one on AOL was not the standard 300×250 but a larger IAB ad unit size of 300×600. The larger ad did in fact drive nearly 30% more

Digital 180 with YouTube’s Michael Rucker

Michael Rucker of YouTube recently joined us at the TNS Media Digital CMO Summit and shared some of his views on online video in the Digital 180 interview series. Michael discuss how the differences between broadcast and online video change how marketers should approach each and other trends he sees in online video. Check back next week for more insights from the Digital 180 series.

Is There a Bank in Comcast Town? (Part 1)

Social media networks represent significant opportunities for brands to directly connect with specific segments of consumers more than ever before, but many struggle with how to make those connections relevant, engaging, and influence sales. Comcast recently tried its hand at increasing both reach and engagement with its brand using a virtual reality microsite,, which could be directly linked to users’ Facebook profiles. After my senses were piqued by this

Digital Summit Spawns Actionable Ideas

Last week marked the sixth anniversary of TNS Media and Compete’s Digital CMO Summit and, despite the economic gloominess, attendees’ outlook for digital marketing was quite bright. One hundred and fifty senior executives from top brands, agencies and media companies gathered in Newport, R.I. for two and a half days of presentations, knowledge-sharing and extensive networking. The event spawned new ideas about the future of marketing, some forward-looking and many

Digital 180 with Enfatico's Torrence Boone

Enfatico CEO Torrence Boone recently took some time out to share his insights in the latest Digital 180 interview. Torrence talks about the importance of delivering creativity and ideas cost-effectively as well as the relationship between creative and analytic/scientific thinking in marketing. Check back with the Compete Blog for more insights from the TNS Media Digital Summit and the Digital 180.

Navigational Search: 5% of the time, users could have just typed it into their browser

Today I lost a bet by wagering against the web savvy of the average American. While generally a safe gamble, the people proved me wrong. Only 5% of searches are for strings users could have just typed directly into their browser. I had guessed much higher. As most search analysts know, the top drivers of search traffic to your domain are basically always the domain name and its common misspellings.

StockTwits Is On The Money

There is no denying the fact that the social networking site Twitter has exploded into popular culture this year. Unique visitors to this popular domain has grown over 225% since January (19,443,286 unique visitors in April 2009). While wading through the different applications for this type of information sharing, one offering in particular really caught my eye, StockTwits. StockTwits is an open community of investors that share advice and information

Online Hotel Shopping Rebounds in Q1

Each month roughly 22 million US consumers shop for hotel rooms online at hotel supplier sites or online travel agencies — with notable peaks and troughs in the summer and winter months respectively. In Q1 2009, hotel shopper volumes surged to an all-time high 24.5 million monthly shoppers, outpacing the seasonally-strong third quarters in 2008 and 2007. In the fourth quarter of 2008, amidst a challenging economic environment, consumer interest

Digital 180 with Morgans Hotel Group’s Scott Williams

In the latest installment of Compete’s Digital 180 series Morgans Hotel Group‘s CMO, Scott Williams, shares his views about how to remain daring and innovative as a brand during this downturn of the economy. Stay tuned to the Compete Blog for more insights from the TNS Media Digital Summit and the Digital 180.

Banking to Go: What’s holding Smartphone owners back from banking apps

Smartphone applications have been receiving a lot of buzz lately. Banks are not sitting on the sidelines: according to ABI Research, a technology research firm, the number of US banks offering mobile banking will jump from 245 in 2008 to 614 this year. The supply of mobile banking applications is increasing rapidly, but what does demand look like? Do Smartphone owners want to manage their finances from their phones? As

Adam Lambert and Earth Day Top April’s Search Charts

American Idol fans doubled down in Adam Lambert searches as the "glam-rock sex god" delivered one hit performance after another last month. Lambert’s query share grew to over 1.3 million queries as fans flocked to see his "leather and spandex glory." Earth Day was April’s other top mover — skyrocketing nearly seven-fold to 800k searches. Earth Day also improved share by .006% — no small feat given April’s 13+ billion