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It’s finally here… the new and improved!

You’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here. Today, Compete and the team are excited to announce the unveiling of our new and improved site! Are we fired up? You bet we are! Here’s what we’re saying loud and clear with the brand new We’re changing the game! Compete continues to take web analytics to new levels with innovative new products — the latest: User Generated Tags

Searches for Twitter Explode +130% in March’s Fastest Moving Search Terms Rankings

March search term biggest movers are here! What terms drove March’s huge spike in queries? Let’s take a look at the fastest growing (and declining) terms since last month to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Findings: Micro-blogging service Twitter has gained significant popularity over the past couple months. Branded searches have sky-rocketed along with Twitter’s site traffic. The one time of the year that

March Search Market Share: Record query growth and the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal by the numbers

March typically posts some big month/month query volume growth, but last month exceeded all expectations. Query volume across the top 5 search engines skyrocketed 14.1% to just over 13 billion searchers. Americans searched online for fast-rising topics like the NCAA Championships, the AIG fiasco and the Watchman movie. Google led the way, posting 9.7 billion queries in March — a 15.4% monthly increase. Look for Google to break the 10

Tale of the Clippings: The Changing Landscape of Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are in vogue these days. Traffic to the largest ones, which include those sites offering discount codes and printable coupons, is up 34% from this time last year, reaching just over 22.6 million deal-hungry shoppers last month. These sites typically fall into two categories: those primarily offering manufacturer coupons (40¢ off Viva paper towels), and those primarily offering retailer-specific coupons (25% off your Target purchase). Considering how search

March Movers: Spring is in the air, so are Social, Sports, and Skittles

Some big stories in March, and we’ll kick it off with the hottest one of all: Twitter. Sure, lots of buzz about the impact of Twitter as a game changer — everyone from NASA astronauts to NBA players to the hosts of "The View" are out there tweeting up a storm. The result: Unique Visitors to were up 76.8% in March, with over 14 Million Americans trafficking to the

Changing of the Guard? Blackberry Passes iPhone Online

For the past two years, consumers and the media alike have "˜ooh’ed and "˜ahh’ed over the iPhone. And rightfully so. The sleek design, unique interface and ease of use were characteristics not frequently seen in the US cell phone market before 2007, and drew significant traffic to Apple’s website. But, two years later, traffic to BlackBerry’s website has slowly overtaken Apple’s online iPhone traffic. Is the love affair with the

March Madness 2009: Battling for B-Ball Bracketologists

U.S. markets may have risen by 15% in the last 3 weeks, but as anyone who works in an office knows, overall employee productivity in late March is pretty pathetic. The primary culprit: the NCAA tournament. Sure, many of our colleagues don’t even bother coming to work, fully accepting their addiction to heart-pounding hoops action, support of their alma maters, and the religious scrutiny of their brackets. Those who don’t

March Data is Live on Site Analytics!

Check out the March monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists. Highlights this month include Twitter continuing to surge, passing 14 million unique visitors. And as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily!

CBS Sports a Winner in NCAA Tournament

My brackets were busted and my teams were ousted more rounds ago than I’d like to admit, but the tournament has again been a success for CBS Sports. While other networks have a more balanced sports calendar throughout the year, the NCAA Basketbally Tournament is the annual event that stands above the rest for CBS. The varied Fox coverage of the NFL, MLB, College Football BCS, and Nascar span nearly What are we looking up?

I long-ago ditched the bulky paper versions of my dictionary and thesaurus in favor of the easier to use (and lighter) Years of English and Writing classes have forced the habit of underlining unfamiliar words I come across and looking them up later. During a recent trip to the site I wondered; Do other people know what this word means? What is everyone else looking up? My junior high

Filleting the "Filet-o-Fish"

Why would McDonald’s not use to capitalize on its most ignored sandwich the one time of year 23.9% of the US population is compelled to consume it at least once a week (lent)? Where is the website counterpart to the viral Arnold phenom that is "Gimme-that-filet-o-fish"? Where is the follow-through? First, some history. According to USA Today, the filet-o-fish (one "L") was "invented" in 1962 in Cincinnati by McDonald’s