AOL Doubles Down for Tracfone in Advertising Effectiveness

Tracfone recently purchased a banner ad on the AOL homepage. This type of homepage ad is a go-to tactic for media buyers looking to drive lots of traffic, and hopefully sales, to their advertising clients.

However, it can often be difficult to tell just how effectively homepage ads perform. Clickthrough, the most common measure of ad effectiveness, doesn’t represent the full value of display advertising since many people who see the ad don’t click on it, but do visit the advertiser’s site afterwards.

There’s also the question of whether those people who visit an advertiser’s site would have gone anyway, regardless of whether or not they saw the ad.

To address these measurement challenges, Compete developed an advertising effectiveness solution for homepage ads on portals and other top publishers. It takes a panel of millions of consumers to measure advertising effectiveness on publisher homepages.

The chart above shows how Tracfone’s recent ad on the AOL homepage performed. It presents an index that compares visitors from an ad exposed group to a control group that was not exposed, but was otherwise identical.

People from the ad exposed group were 6.28 times more likely to visit Tracfone than control group in the same session as viewing the ad. That’s solid performance for Tracfone. By comparison, an ad on the AOL homepage from delivered a 3.5x lift in visitation. (See our Valentine’s Day study.)

Plus,’s Referral Analytics show that AOL delivered nearly 50% of referrals to Tracfone’s landing pages at

AOL doubled down for Tracfone. The portal delivered strong homepage advertising results and proved strategically important to Tracfone’s customer acquisition strategy.

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