Competition for ‘Marathon’ Title

We turned our attention this week to one of Massachusetts and Boston’s greatest traditions — Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon. While only a few states recognize Patriots’ Day as a holiday, the running of the marathon has unofficially renamed the day Marathon Monday in Massachusetts.

The Boston race gets a lot of hype every April, but it is only one of many on the annual major marathon circuit. I was curious to see how all the events fared in a search for the generic keyword "˜marathon.’

Among the many informational and running sites, two specific races sites fall in the top twelve. The Boston site does well to grab the top spot on the winner’s podium, but a strong showing is to be expected this time of year.‘s twelvth place showing is almost more impressive considering the race is not until mid-October. Being a top destination for all searches for "˜marathon’ more than five months before race day is all the more noteworthy when you consider that the site for the New York City race (Nov. 1) comes in 24th on this list.

Just as the race takes dedicated preparation, with runners and fans traveling the world for these events, the contest to be the top ‘marathon’ search destination is not one that can be taken lightly.