CBS Sports a Winner in NCAA Tournament

My brackets were busted and my teams were ousted more rounds ago than I’d like to admit, but the tournament has again been a success for CBS Sports. While other networks have a more balanced sports calendar throughout the year, the NCAA Basketbally Tournament is the annual event that stands above the rest for CBS.

The varied Fox coverage of the NFL, MLB, College Football BCS, and Nascar span nearly the entire calendar year, and provide a more regular flow of traffic to their sports site than CBS does. With bracket management, tournament fantasy options as well as live coverage of the games, CBS does leverage its online channel well during its few weeks in the spotlight though. This could serve as a lesson to other networks in how to best utilize their sports sites in coordination with their TV coverage, as well as a lesson to CBS that success in one marquee event is good, but it takes more than that to stay top of mind with viewers throughout the year.

Check back later this week for more on the NCAA Tournament.