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Are Dynamic Ads More Effective?

At Compete we’ve recently been digging deeper into online ads. Like our clients, we’ve noticed that banner ads often don’t "click through" like they used to, and we’ve watched the recent outburst in new ad types and are eager to discover which of them will perform best. As if to aid us in our quest, Toyota recently ran two similar but slightly different ads for its new Venza, enabling a

iPhone Users: All Play and No Work?

In the past, smartphones were synonymous with business – road warriors with Blackberries. But times are changing. Manufacturers are promoting their devices as tools for overall life management and fun as well as professional tools, like Research in Motion’s "Life on Blackberry" campaign. The iPhone has always been marketed as a multi-function consumer device, but do people really use it more for personal or business applications? That was one of

AOL Doubles Down for Tracfone in Advertising Effectiveness

Tracfone recently purchased a banner ad on the AOL homepage. This type of homepage ad is a go-to tactic for media buyers looking to drive lots of traffic, and hopefully sales, to their advertising clients. However, it can often be difficult to tell just how effectively homepage ads perform. Clickthrough, the most common measure of ad effectiveness, doesn’t represent the full value of display advertising since many people who see

Yelp Closing in on Citysearch

Every time I’ve been trying to decide on a new place to go with friends recently, someone has inevitably said, “Check it out on Yelp,” but rarely has anyone suggested that we use Citysearch too. This sentiment seems to be reflected in the web traffic, with the perennial leader in local restaurant/entertainment reviews no longer alone at the top. Through the end of last year Citysearch held a significant lead,

Competition for ‘Marathon’ Title

We turned our attention this week to one of Massachusetts and Boston’s greatest traditions — Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon. While only a few states recognize Patriots’ Day as a holiday, the running of the marathon has unofficially renamed the day Marathon Monday in Massachusetts. The Boston race gets a lot of hype every April, but it is only one of many on the annual major marathon circuit. I

The New – Tagging Walkthrough

As you may have noticed, last week we rolled out some exciting new features and functionality on Over the next few weeks, our Product team will be writing a series of posts to shed some light on the new elements of the site, and walk through some specific usage scenarios to help you understand the value of the latest and greatest from We welcome any feedback you have,

Bank of America’s Focus on "Quality" Online Bankers

Online banking is an effective way for banking institutions to deliver multiple services in a low cost channel. By increasing online banking usage and moving customers to use bill pay and paperless statements, banks not only reduce servicing expenses, but also increase the switching costs for customers to another bank. Just think, once someone sets up account alerts and their online bill payments, it’s not an exercise they are going

Big Domain or Big Homepage? Homepage Visitors at the Top Publisher Sites

Yahoo!, MSN and AOL are the top ranking portals on the web — but how do their homepages stack up? With several hundred thousand dollars a day paid for some homepage ads, a lot of money is at stake. Compete ran the numbers on visitors to top publisher homepages and compared them to visitors to any page on the publisher’s domain. What we found may surprise you. At the top

The "˜King of All Internet Radio'

For the past few years, I have not only been a Sirius Satellite Radio subscriber, but also one of its biggest fans. Sirius replaced the unmanageable amount of mix CD’s that littered my car and put all the music and entertainment in one small piece of equipment. Sirius has also changed the way I listen to music at work. On in the background all day, Sirius Internet Radio provides me

Americans and CPG’s Embrace the Kitchen

As wallets get tighter and tighter, the way consumers spend money on food is dramatically changing. Instead of making restaurant reservations, people are increasingly making their own meals. USAToday reports an average drop of almost 50% in the stock prices of the top 26 restaurants when compared to their highest points in the last year. As more people head into the kitchen to cook their own meals, they are turning

Netbooks: Searching along a converging frontier

Depending on your vantage point, a netbook might look like a small laptop or a large Smartphone. The dual nature of the netbook may be marking a period of increasing convergence between computers and wireless phones. Companies that traditionally make computers are manufacturing netbooks and beginning to plan or consider moves into the Smartphone market. Wireless carriers are beginning to sell discounted netbooks tied to wireless broadband contracts. AT&T is