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eBay’s New Strategy: What Was Once Old is New Again

At web giant eBay, it’s out with the new and in with the old both in terms of corporate strategy and product mix. After trying in vain to remake itself as an online "retailer" of fixed-priced items to rival the likes of and Walmart, eBay last week cried uncle when it announced it was returning to its roots as an auction clearinghouse for used goods and collectables (in addition

Snuggie Fatigue: Are We Moving Beyond ‘The Blanket with Sleeves’?

Has the inglorious era of the backwards bathrobe come to its inevitable end? Will the "Sleeved Blanket" join ranks with fallen veterans like "The Bedazzler", "The Clapper," or "Blu-Blockers"? If you analyze traffic to the two largest Snuggie transaction sites, the answer may just be yes. Unique Visitors to (88,961) and (135,785) are down 33.8% and 26.2% between January and February 2009, respectively, placing UVs back near October

Twitter Trends — The Search is On

Twitter may be relatively new in the social networking field, but with big leaps in traffic and visits and nearly 8,000,000 visitors to the website in February, it’s certainly making a splash. With a recent site redesign that gives users easy access to information about what users are talking about and the ability to search public posts (or "tweets"), Twitter could become a barometer for what’s hot in current events

February Fast Movers: Fast Food, Flower Power and a New Leader in Monthly Attention

Compete data from the year’s shortest month tells some interesting tales of love, speed, and the pursuit of sandwiches. Perhaps the biggest story, however, comes at the top. For the first time ever, Facebook overtook the top spot in Monthly Attention (time spent as a percentage of total time spent online by U.S. Internet users), commanding nearly 6% of all time spent online by Americans in the month of February.

Interview with Retail Industry Veteran Kevin Ertell

Compete recently had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Ertell, a well known E-Business and Online Operations veteran. Most recently Kevin led the E-Business efforts at Borders and guided the highly successful launch of Prior to Borders Kevin was an SVP with Tower Records responsible for online operations. Kevin shared his insights on everything from Border’s Magic Shelf to the impact of Mobile and use of Videos. What’s the

Big Game Movie Advertiser Scorecard

Several movies made the roughly $3 million investment to advertise at the Big Game this year and now with a full month gone since the Steelers became world champions, it’s a good time to see just what they got for their money. The ten movie ads that aired during the Big Game (including the G.I. Joe spot just before the game) saw highly varied subsequent interest at their official movie

Travel: Demographic Segmentation Still Matters

Last June, in our interview with analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik, he touched upon a point that is dear to our hearts — "segmentation is key to truly finding any insights from"¦ web data." Indeed, marketers can use segmentation to better understand their consumer base, identify valuable customer groups and develop strategies to proactively target these groups individually. As the web has become more social, the importance of behavioral segmentation has

TripAdvisor’s Meta Search Opportunity

On February 27th, TripAdvisor took the wraps off of its new air Meta Search engine. It includes industry-first features such as a built-in fees estimator that other sites do not offer. What makes TripAdvisor the most formidable new competitor within Meta Search, however, is the millions of existing site users who theoretically can be nudged into adopting the product. The challenge will be convincing consumers to put down the hotel

Facebook Terms of Use: Media Hype or User Panic?

Recently, there was quite some media buzz and chatter amongst the bloggers about Facebook’s updated Terms of Use. This led many Facebook users to question their privacy and rights on the website. Was the effect of these concerns far reaching, or was this simply a case of media hysteria? Let’s begin by looking at a timeline of events. This latest Facebook saga began on February 4th, when Facebook updated its

Finding Watchmen: Why social media matters in film marketing

Like many moviegoers, I’m eagerly awaiting the film version of the classic Alan Moore Watchmen comics, opening Friday. Although I’ve been getting most of my information about the movie through friends, and most recently an article in Wired, I wondered where people are going online to learn more about this highly-anticipated fill. I analyzed where people who used terms including the keyword "˜watchmen’ on major search engines were directed over

Hyundai (pronounced like Sunday) Accelerates into 2009

In a dark and dreary automotive market, Hyundai found a bright spot in January. Hyundai sales stepped on the accelerator and increased 14% year-over-year to 24,512 units. This sales improvement resulted in a staggering 1.6ppts increase in market share. Given total market sales were down 37% year-over-year and consumers are having a harder time getting approved for credit, Hyundai’s performance was remarkable. This kind of performance begs the question, how