Guest Post: Can Digg Keep Up With Facebook’s Growth? So Far It Surprisingly Has

We welcome back Jay Meattle, a original member, from HEPGURU for this guest post.

Below is a Digg and Facebook‘s monthly Unique Visitor chart going all the way back to the month they were launched. After looking at the first chart, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that Facebook has been growing faster than Digg (isn’t quite so), so before you do, make sure you take a look at all the charts in this post.

The chart below overlays the same Facebook vs. Digg’s traffic data to their respective launch month’s:

  • In their first 4 years of existence, Digg and Facebook have very similar curves
  • Digg traffic has been greater than Facebook’s 33 out of 51 months (65%)
  • Facebook’s recent growth and expansion strategies are paying off in a big big way. It is going to take a special effort from Digg to continue keep pace with and beating Facebook, a leap of imagination if you will. Facebook doubled traffic in its 5th year of existence, going from 28,487,293 to 73,787,766 unique visitors. Can Digg do the same in its fifth year?

Will Kevin Rose & team at Digg be able to innovate at the pace that is required? Innovation certainly beats size when in the battle to grow attention. Digg has a lot going for them, but only time will tell how ultimately successful and innovative they will be. I’ll certainly be watching intently.

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