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Smartphone Intelligence: The iPhone at the mall and on the road

Almost everywhere I turn, I see an iPhone: at work, on the soccer field, on the street. My boyfriend and Mom both have them. Clearly these devices appeal to a lot of people, and we’ve heard the iPhone described as "more than just a phone" by owners. But what does that mean? How else are people using their iPhones? We explored these questions in the most recent fielding of Compete’s

Winning The Game: How To Become A Moneyball Marketer

In my post last month, I contrasted swing-for-the-fence Powerball Marketers from companies that follow a scientific, Moneyball Marketing discipline. The quick summary is that Powerball Marketing is analogous to gambling, and unfortunately many companies continue to make big bets without investing in data or techniques that could improve their odds. Moneyball Marketers, on the other hand, represent a new breed of analytically driven, outcome-oriented practitioners who use new metrics and

Ford Burns Racing Fuel to Sell the Fusion Hybrid

Recently Ford Motor Company announced an online promotion in which contestants have a chance to win a new 2010 Fusion Hybrid along with a trip for two to NASCAR’s Championship weekend in Miami. Contestants register at a site developed by Ford called Ford is promoting the sweepstakes on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Certainly this promotion plays off Ford’s heavy involvement in racing, but is the Fusion prospect

February Search Term Biggest Movers: Tax Searches Rise, Circuit City Falls

What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the fastest growing (and declining) terms since last month to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Findings: As the April 16th deadline approaches, taxes are still high interest! What is the final stimulus package and what does it mean for me? Rihanna and Chris Brown were the focus of celebrity gossip.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses: 1-800-Flowers Valentine’s Ad Effectiveness

Advertising on the web can be a thorny endeavor.  In the run up to Valentine’s Day, flower retailers all spent big on online advertising.  Compete analyzed‘s Valentine’s Day ad campaigns to measure the sources of greatest impact. Analysis revealed that AOL was the most effective publisher for 1-800-Flowers: consumers reached on AOL were 83% more likely to visit and 141% more likely to purchase than those reached on other

Can the Palm Pre Compete?

The Smartphone market is an increasingly crowded place. After Apple’s success with the iPhone from 2007 onward, more companies, from GPS manufacturer Garmin to PC manufacturers like Acer and Asustek, are throwing their hats in the ring. In January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), wireless industry pioneer Palm announced that they were launching a new Smartphone, called the Pre (pronounced like "tree"). Since then, we’ve heard relatively little about

Compete at S.E.S!

Come visit Compete at S.E.S in New York. Compete will be at the Search Engine Strategies Conferce in New York City today and tomorrow – Stop by booth #110 to say hello to the and Online Media and Search teams. We’ll be giving away two 32″ HDTVs!

The Growing Opportunity for Online Travel Sites to Target Social Networks

Social networks have been quite successful in capturing the attention of consumers online. As the level of interaction consumers have with this group of sites continues to grow, the opportunity for travel marketers to leverage these sites to drive brand awareness grows as well. Moreover, social networks are becoming increasingly well-positioned to drive traffic to brands in the online travel industry. From February 2008 to February 2009, the number of

Guest Post: Can Digg Keep Up With Facebook’s Growth? So Far It Surprisingly Has

We welcome back Jay Meattle, a original member, from HEPGURU for this guest post. Below is a Digg and Facebook‘s monthly Unique Visitor chart going all the way back to the month they were launched. After looking at the first chart, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that Facebook has been growing faster than Digg (isn’t quite so), so before you do, make sure you take a

Exploring Blackberry App World

The application store rush is definitely on. Since the success of the iPhone’s App Store, Nokia, the Google Android Market, and the Microsoft Skymarket have all followed suit. Even PC manufacturer Acer has said they are looking into the viability of an application store for their new line of Smartphones. News that Blackberry was planning an application store of some kind has been circulating for a while now, but few

February Search Market Share: Google bounces back from a market share slowdown, but in a down month

With only 28 days, February is typically a low-query month for the leading search engines. This year proved no exception, with query volumes dipping across the board, despite searcher interest in the Oscars and Valentine’s Day. One interesting result of this dip in query volume was that it actually improved Google‘s market share. So while Google’s query volume fell by 1%, its market share actually rose 2.2pts. That move effectively