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Shifting Content: A young peoples’ game?

There’s no question that our increasing ability to shift content across time, place and device is bringing about major changes in how we interact with media. The challenge and the opportunity lie in how rapidly the landscape is changing and how quickly young Americans are adapting to it. TVWeek recently reported that nearly two times as many Americans aged 18-34 have watched content via an online video than through a

Sprint Gets Value from the Online Channel by Emphasizing Value for Consumers

Over the last few weeks, Sprint announced significant company-wide cost cutting measures and substantial layoffs. The company is faced with making hard, but necessary, business decisions to try to put them back on course. But what else is going on and is there a more positive side to this story? There is a silver lining for Sprint: the Online Channel. looks like a sure bright spot for Sprint- they

Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over Top Spot, Twitter Climbs

With Facebook officially turning five years old recently, combined with the site surging past MySpace in Monthly Unique Visitors, it seems like a good time to take a little deeper look at the social networking giants. It’s hard to believe that last year around this time we discussing the effects of bad PR for Facebook and if the site had "˜jumped the shark,’ but those arguments now seem to more

January Data is Live on Site Analytics!

Check out the December monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists. Highlights this month include Facebook surging past MySpace. And as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily!

Big Game Ad Effectiveness: Who Scored with Viewers?

At roughly $3 million a spot, this year’s crop of Big Game advertisers relied heavily on humor, feel-good messaging and timely promotions to stand out in this time of economic uncertainty. One measure of the cross-channel effectiveness of these advertisements is the degree to which they drove consumers to the brands’ websites on the day of the game. Here’s how Big Game advertisers ranked based on the change in Daily

Is Apple Growing on Older Americans?

Even in the midst of an economic downturn, interest in Apple products continues to increase. Strong sales and substantial media attention for high-profile products like the iPhone over the last year has resulted in more visitors to Apple’s website. In Q3 2008, an average of 15.3 million people went to each month, up 5% over traffic during the same period in 2007. Apple’s continued success at driving interest stands

Big Game Ads – Coke vs. Pepsi

Coke and Pepsi have been locked in battle on many fronts for decades and the Big Game goes a long way in deciding which of the two has the upper hand. Both had success with memorable ads in 2008; Pepsi’s Justin Timberlake ad and Coke’s Parade Balloons (as a Patriots fan, the ads are the only part of that game I want to remember). Each company had three commercials during

Amazon Introduces Green Packaging

Green is the new black, not on Fashion Avenue, but on Wall St. Everyday, companies announce new green policies intended to reduce their carbon footprint. In August, Amazon introduced Amazon Green, a conglomeration of all the environmentally friendly products available on Amazon and tips for leading a greener life. Interest in Amazon Green jumped in November with the debut of Frustration Free Packaging. The premise behind the new Frustration-Free packaging

Online Video Game Enthusiasts — Is marketing to the middle the way of the future?

The video game industry and its’ customers are changing. I grew up when consoles were starting to become a common household device, but thought of as a children’s toy. Despite being a fairly avid gamer through my teens, I never would have guessed that my friends and I, now in our late twenties and early thirties, would be spending our evenings playing Rock Band or facing off in Wii Boxing