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Powerball vs. Moneyball Marketing: Part I

February marks the slow transition from pro football to Major League Baseball, and while dissecting Superbowl advertising and Theo Epstein’s off-season maneuvers, my thoughts gave way to a new view of marketing in 2009. I’ll characterize it this way, "There are two kinds of marketing executives in the world — Powerball marketers and Moneyball marketers." Powerball marketers cross their fingers and hope for great outcomes Take the Denny’s Free Grand

Facebook vs. MySpace: Tale of the Tape

Earlier this month, Compete reported that Facebook overtook MySpace in Unique Visitors trafficking to the site: Sure, this was a symbolic takeover, but it should have come as no surprise to anyone closely monitoring the two social giants over the past year. Using a few different Compete PRO Site Analytics reports, I drilled down to take a closer look at trended traffic to understand the key metrics around Facebook’s rise Comes Up Smellin’ Like Roses

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are some of the busiest for online floral retailers (only Mother’s Day is busier). Big money is required to remain competitive in this market. Both and appeared on the homepage of Yahoo! the week prior to Valentine’s Day and aired a TV spot during the Super Bowl. In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, each of the top four

January Search Term Movers

January search term biggest movers are now live on the Compete Data Hub! What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the fastest growing and declining terms since last month to get a better idea of the trend in consumer search interest. Growing Term Highlights: Tax year 2008 is over and April is approaching quickly — get your taxes done! Obama assumes office as

Is the Auto Industry Showing Signs of a Recovery?

As auto sales continue to track near historic lows the days of 16 million unit selling rates are but distant memories. Estimates of annual sales of 10 to 11 million units are the new thinking in a market (and economy) where flat is the new up. Sales are a function of generating demand and converting that demand into purchases. Compete measures auto shopping behavior across the internet and uses a

January Search Market Share: Google share slows while query volume stays strong on Inauguration and Big Game searches

January, 2009 was a big month for the country and the leading search engines, with droves of Americans conducting searches related to the Obama Inauguration and Big Game XLIII. It was an especially interesting month at the top of the search engine rankings, with Google losing a slight slice of market share to Yahoo! and showing signs of a possible slowdown in market share conquest. In and of itself a

The Role of Search in the Online Credit Card Market

Compete recently held a webinar in which we analyzed the role that search plays in consumers’ online research for credit cards. Using the credit card market as an example, we are able to see how search has become a significant aspect of many consumers’ path to purchase across a variety of products and services. Some of the key findings from this study include: Search activity is frequent 35% of shoppers

Tough Choices: How the complexity of content shifting devices is changing how people shop for consumer electronics

Last week, I wrote about how the ownership of consumer electronics capable of shifting content is not limited to Americans in their late teens and 20s. While these products offer consumers more choice in terms of viewing media across time, place and device, they also introduce more complexity into the purchase process. The question is, are the consumers shopping for these time shifting devices – like laptops, DVRs, portable media

"25 Random Things About Me" Tags Facebook with Record Growth

I found an unfamiliar email from Facebook in my inbox last month, "Somebody tagged you in the note 25 Random Things About Me." Clicking through, I found I’d been tagged by a friend in a mini-autobiography about her dream job (writing children’s books) and Kombucha infatuation. Turns out, I was not alone. In January, roughly 4X more people than usual visited the Notes section of Facebook. Nobody knows how it

January Fast Movers: Inauguration, Big Game, and Dieting

What sort of changes did the New Year bring? Using Compete PRO Site Analytics and Ranked List tools, we drilled down to find the sites that showed the fastest growth month over month. Sites related to taxes, the inauguration, and weight loss all showed growth in January. Some additional nuggets: Pepsi’s big splash: Rebranding one of the world’s biggest products is no small challenge, but Pepsi seems to have gotten

American Express Open Forum Leverages Social Media

It is undeniable that social media is an increasingly pervasive medium for interacting with friends and family; evidenced by the fact that Facebook and MySpace are the eighth and tenth most visited sites on the entire web. What is less clear, however, is how effective social media is as a marketing channel. Can brands successfully drive business value from these sites or will they be viewed as artificially entering into