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Driving Loyalty with Hotel Rewards Sites

Judging by how often I’m asked to join a rewards program when booking any sort of trip, it’s clear that their popularity is on the rise in the travel industry. But just how effective are they? Hotel Rewards websites, such as Marriott Rewards or IHG’s Priority Club, can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. The largest hotel supplier reward site, Marriott Rewards, engages 19% of the total traffic

Moving Media: How much does control over digital content matter to telecom consumers?

At industry conference after industry conference, whether it’s for content producers, consumer electronics manufacturers, or service providers, digital content shifting is a central topic of discussion. Digital content shifting is relatively new, so it will likely take some time before all consumers adopt it on a regular basis, but what do they want now? To begin to answer that question, I looked at what people who had shopped online for

Why Wireless Searchers Matter — Results from the Google & Compete Webinar

How important is it for wireless carriers and handset manufacturers to have an effective online strategy? Very. A recent study by Compete and Google found that the majority of wireless phone buyers are researching online, and that attracting searchers has short-and long-term benefits. The study found that 78% of consumers who made a wireless purchase used the internet for research beforehand, even though 94% of transactions are completed offline. This

Rue La La & Gilt: Secret’s Out, Traffic’s Up

Once reserved exclusively for those "in the know" and living in major fashion hubs, sample sales have now gone mainstream. Over the past year a number of online sample sale sites have popped up, such as, and Both Rue La La and Gilt Groupe operate using similar models — both are invitation only, meaning that you have to be invited by an already existing member to take part

Showtime’s "Dexter" Targets His Viewers Much Like His Victims: Successfully

I was in L.A. last October walking with some friends near Hollywood Boulevard and a billboard actually caught my attention (I am usually engaged by GPS or friends). The billboard had the picture of a man smiling covered in blood splatter with the caption, "America’s Favorite Serial Killer." I turned to my friend and asked, "Who is Dexter?" From that point on, I have not missed an episode of the

Is BCS Backlash Hurting or Helping College Football?

The 2008 college football season comes to a close tonight as Oklahoma and Florida face off in the BCS National Championship Game. As usual, the only major sport that has no playoff system has followed up a thrilling season with a seemingly arbitrary matchup, leaving several equally deserving teams out of the running for the championship. The Bowl Championship Series uses a combination of "Top 25" polls and so-called "computer

Beyond the Oprah Effect: Online interest in the Amazon Kindle

While getting a cup of coffee the other day, I saw an Amazon Kindle in real life for the first time. Considering the extensive press about the device in the last several months, I’ve been surprised not to see more people using them. Back in October, Oprah featured the Kindle on her show, an announcement that created a lot of buzz, and the device sold out around Christmas. So, I

Troubles for Toyota

As the US and world economy struggles the auto industry continues to get hammered. Sales have fallen to historic lows and the US government recently lent a $17.4 billion lifeline to GM and Chrysler to help those companies get through the first quarter of 2009. Even the so-called import brands are feeling the pain as Toyota recently announced its first ever annual operating loss. The company has forecast a $1.7

Green Monday vs. Cyber Monday: When Did Holiday Shopping Really Peak?

Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but few have heard about "Green Monday," which is designated as the second Monday of December. Green Monday may be relatively obscure because it was named by eBay in a marketing campaign for late-season holiday shopping; however, the idea behind it is important because it supposedly marks online shoppers’ the last chance to order items without having to pay for expedited shipping