Compete and Google Present: Consumer Credit Cards

With financial and credit markets in turmoil and consumers feeling pinched, it is more important than ever to understand how consumers are thinking about credit cards and managing their debt.

Google and Compete, Inc. partnered on a study to analyze consumers’ credit-card related shopping and application behavior, with an emphasis on the role of search.

Among other financial troubles, the completed online applications on a whole are down over the past year. The webinar will look to see how consumers use search in this process and what works best in getting conversions.

The study incorporates fresh data — as recent as December 2008 — that demonstrates how consumer behavior is changing in response to economic conditions. Thanks to those who attended the webinar today, and for those who couldn’t make it the replay will be available next week, so please check back here. For a copy of the slides used today, please email Kristen Renda.