Inauguration Fever Hits the Web

On a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of January, the majority of the country is not sitting in front of their television. Although I’m sure many took the day off from work to watch the festivities from home (and more than a million to be there), most turned to the web for out inauguration coverage. And most of those people turned to

Not surprisingly, all news sites saw a significant spike on such this historic day, with seeing over 4% of all U.S. internet users. While CNN received the most visitors, many of the other news sites had greater percentage increases, with the CBS News leading the way, with nearly 100% increas for both daily change and over 160% for monthly change.

Even the relatively flat traffic to saw an unprecedented spike as the Obama team relaunched the site on Tuesday, dwarfing the interest surge shown on election day.

Now that the swearing in and celebrations are over, we’ll see if interest falls back to normal levels or if the new site will be continue to draw more visitors.