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Online Media & Search Trends 2008

With 2008 officially in the history books, the Online Media and Search team at Compete took a look back at the major trends in Online Media & Search over the past year and made some predictions for 2009. Online Media 2008 View more presentations or upload your own. Based on the daily web usage of more than two million members of the Compete community, Compete calculates and estimates total US-based

Compete and Google Present: Consumer Credit Cards

With financial and credit markets in turmoil and consumers feeling pinched, it is more important than ever to understand how consumers are thinking about credit cards and managing their debt. Google and Compete, Inc. partnered on a study to analyze consumers’ credit-card related shopping and application behavior, with an emphasis on the role of search. Among other financial troubles, the completed online applications on a whole are down over the

Security Fears, Not Confusion, Keep Older Consumers from Buying CE Online

As someone always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gadgets, I find the internet is the best place to find out what is coming down the pipe and also the most convenient way to purchase. The wide variety of reputable vendors often ensures you can find a deal and internet shopping also allows you to make decisions at your own pace rather than dealing with a potentially pushy

Frequent Flier Site Performance

We recently saw how effective rewards sites could be for hotels, but is it still working for the airlines, whose frequent flier programs have been rewarding repeat customers for more than two and a half decades? These programs are still going strong – an effective airline rewards program and accompanying online rewards site can greatly diminish cross-shopping and lost-bookings. The program with the greatest online presence, Delta’s SkyMiles, attracts nearly

Big Game Advertising Working for Go Daddy

The Big Game has become so much more than just the game, and nowhere is that shown better than in the big budget commercials. Brands like Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi and many others have been laying down huge money annually for decades now to have their ads in the big game and they often deliver memorable commercials that keep people talking long after the game. One relatively new player that has

Inauguration Fever Hits the Web

On a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of January, the majority of the country is not sitting in front of their television. Although I’m sure many took the day off from work to watch the festivities from home (and more than a million to be there), most turned to the web for out inauguration coverage. And most of those people turned to Not surprisingly, all news sites saw a

1-2 Punch Hurts December Auto Sales

For the US auto industry, 2008 proved to be about as dismal a year as possible. Total industry sales fell to a 16-year low 13.2M units as most OEMs faced declining sales in a struggling economy. And December, the month of those familiar year-end clearance sales and deals, proved to be the final humbug in an already Scrooge-worthy year. US auto sales in December fell 36% from the same period

The Cross-Generational Appeal of HDTV

On the Compete blog, we’ve looked at how people are shopping for high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and found that interest is booming despite the tough economy. We recently conducted a survey where we asked respondents what consumer electronics products they planned on purchasing over the next 12 months. HDTVs led the way, with 25% of all respondents indicating that they planned on purchasing one in the next year. So who are

Amazon Prime Squeezes Already Struggling Rivals

While the 2008 holiday shopping season brought considerable anguish to the retailing industry, was the standout exception. As rivals lick their wounds and look ahead to a challenging 2009, the retailing giant offered them a measure of salt recently by reporting the holidays were actually its "best ever." After posting huge losses throughout its formative years, Amazon long ago quieted cynics who predicted it would never earn a nickel.

December Search Market Share: Holiday Bargain Hunting Supercharges Search, Closes a Year of Google Gains

This past holiday season may have been the worst in years for retailers, but that certainly wasn’t the case for search engines. Across the board, the leading search engines hit record query volume in December as consumers searched again and again for deals in a tight economy. The Top 5 engines grew by a weighted average of 9.4% in December 2008. Yahoo! led the pack, surging 10.8% in a single

December Data is Live on Site Analytics!

The celebration continues – Check out the December monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists and as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily!