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Are Consumers Satisfied with Online Banking?

It is undeniable that consumers are increasingly living their lives online. From buying a book, to viewing a photo, to posting a tweet through the use of Twitter, individuals are turning to the internet for a myriad of reasons. Financial services is certainly not immune to this digital migration. While it is clear that online banking usage and adoption is growing, it is less obvious how consumers view their current

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Two weeks ago, Google Labs announced new gadgets integrating Google Docs & Spreadsheets with GMail, just in time for the 2nd anniversary of the web-based productivity tools. The move may leverage GMail’s growing user base and facilitate growth at Docs & Spreadsheets as it inches closer to meaningful competition with MS Office, which dominates the productivity software market. Microsoft came out defending its turf the next day with a slick

Hotspots: How Consumers Choose Where to Make the Connection

AT&T has been expanding its wi-fi footprint in 2008. Last week, AT&T announced that it was buying Wayport, a wi-fi service provider. Back in February, the telco became Starbucks’ new wi-fi partner, providing access in thousands of U.S. locations. With more and more wi-fi enabled devices in consumers’ hands – from laptops to smartphones to portable gaming consoles – the race is on to become the provider of choice. What

How Loyal are Wachovia and Washington Mutual Customers?

Now that the dust has begun to settle on the acquisitions of Washington Mutual by Chase and Wachovia by Wells Fargo, the question now is whether WaMu and Wachovia customers will remain customers of their current bank or transfer their assets to another bank. Some WaMu and Wachovia customers may perceive transferring their assets to another bank as a perceived flight to safety to banks not as entwined in the

Something's Brewin' at Dunkin'

Dunkin’ Donuts took the gloves off in its battle against rival Starbucks with the October 21 launch of its "Dunkin Beat Starbucks" campaign featuring a national blind taste test where Dunkin’ coffee was preferred over Starbucks. Has the campaign resonated with coffee drinkers? *Daily reach is the number of people that visit a website on a given day as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users online that day. 45,516

In the Mind of a Media Planner

"The options for placing media today are endless and I have had some interesting requests from clients that truly reflect the extent of those possibilities,” said Megan Hernandez, media planner at The Gate Worldwide. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Megan and got an insider’s view on what it means to be a media planner today. As a media planner Megan acts as the liaison between the creative team,

Consumer Electronics Holiday Forecast: Rough Roads or Smooth Sailing Ahead?

With the current economic slump, this holiday season is expected to be a tough one for most retail sectors, but will consumer electronics be one of them? Maybe not. A recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association found that although consumers may be spending less overall this season, they are planning to spend more on CE gifts. Some even argue that that the weak economy will make home entertainment products,

Voters Flocked to last week as the Election Neared

A quick comparison of traffic trends to the Barack Obama and John McCain‘s websites in the closing weeks of the race shows a surge of support for Obama last week versus only a modest gain by McCain. For the week ended November 1st, nearly 4.9 million people visited Obama’s website, a 60% rise over the previous week, and twice the level Obama reached on the heels of his August convention

Obama Extended Online Advantage in Race's Final Weeks

As Americans head to the polls today, a look back at the closing weeks of the race reveals that Barack Obama increasingly distanced himself from John McCain in the online race as the election neared. Weekly unique visitors to Obama’s website (graphed below) quickly rose from 540,000 at the start of August to an interim peak of 2.5 million during the week of the Democratic National Convention. The race narrowed

The Hottest Online Retail Products: Video Games Lead the Way

The recent economic turmoil is poised to make this holiday season a downer for many retailers who had hoped to end the year on a positive note. Each week through the end of the year, Compete will be tracking which retail products are drawing the most online interest from shoppers. A look at the leading products from this past week suggest that while consumers’ budgets will be pinched this year,

Voters Watching Online Video More Engaged in the Election, Cisco/Compete Survey Finds

Traffic to online video on popular news sites, video blogs, YouTube and other sites has seen a 5x increase since our last presidential election in 2004, but has online video changed how people engage in politics this time around? The latest results of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Pulse Survey, which includes data from Compete and responses from about 1,800 registered U.S. voters, found that the internet is second only to