Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Impact of a Weakening Economy on Online Travel

Given the severity of the problems in other markets, less mainstream attention has been placed on the state of the travel industry. Compete analyzed online activity within the air and hotel categories to identify if shifts are taking place in consumer interest in these products. The findings show a clear decline in online travel research activity, with actual booking and purchase activity also trending downward. Air and hotel shopper volumes

Department Store Pre-Holiday Traffic Up; Kohls Connecting Online & Offline Channels

I’m lucky. Or, at least I feel like I’m lucky. I don’t have to battle the lines, crowds, and traffic associated with holiday shopping. You see, I have several siblings that love to shop. So, with some careful planning I can deftly delegate all shopping off to each of them. I’m the idea guy. I come up with the gift — they get it. As much as the holidays seem

Want My Lease? Here, Have It!

Type in "transfer lease" or "trade lease" into any search engine and two sites come up as the most prevalent: and These sites have become more commonplace as people struggle in the tough economic times to bail out of their pricey leases. Without such companies, individuals are forced to either pay off the entire contract balance or enter upside down into a new vehicle based on the unpaid