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Come Work for Compete!

It seems like every time you turn on the news there is another story about major layoffs, but Compete is here to break through all that depression (economic and emotional) and restore holiday cheer by delivering some good news: Compete is hiring! We are looking for qualified applicants for several positions"¦ Product Manager We’re looking for an experienced product manager to help us build our product management organization. This is

Winter Sales Event: No Clear Winner

We know it’s that time of year when we first see it; a Lexus wrapped in a huge red bow could only mean one thing. Lexus’s annual December to Remember sales event is certainly the most recognizable holiday/winter sales event by any measure. But, while the most recognizable, it’s no longer the only one of its kind out there. Traditionally, December is the number one vehicle sales month of the

The Housing Crisis Ripples Across the Web

It’s hard these days to be a homeowner. The housing-turned-credit crisis has sharply lowered home values across the country, and the proposed solutions have focused more on major industry players than on deed holders. This week, the New York Times reports that Bernanke’s newest innovation is to lower mortgage rates to a level last seen around the time JFK was sworn in — but it would not apply to current

Where Laptop Searchers Land Online

Although they won’t get as much fanfare as the iPhone or the Wii, especially this holiday season, laptops remain a necessity. When it comes to purchasing one, consumers have a dizzying array of choices, everything from brand to operating system to size to where to buy. To get a general idea of where laptop researchers are going online, I looked at where people who used terms including the word "˜laptop’

Kicking off the Holiday Season:’s Sizzling Black Friday

Where were you on Black Friday? If you were online, there is a pretty decent chance that you were looking for a sweet deal or two, and where better to find a deal than Well, you weren’t alone. Nearly 7% of all U.S. Internet users on Black Friday visited, almost seven times the site’s average reach on any given day in 2008. But what was behind this remarkable versus — The Race For Holiday Shoppers Heats Up

I recently created my first photo book online as a holiday gift. Judging by the slow speed of the site I was on, I wasn’t alone! In fact, traffic to photo service sites Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish and MyPublisher each rose in November. Snapfish experienced the biggest gain with a whopping 40% increase to a record 4.725 million people. And, only Snapfish enjoyed a year-over-year increase in traffic (up 25.7%

Paid Search: How Branded Terms Play a Key Role

A few weeks ago, we used Compete intelligence on paid and natural search to show how Yahoo! outperformed Google in paid click efficiency. Now that the Yahoo!-Google search partnership has gone down the tubes, we’re taking another look at paid search — this time at how a few well-known brands drive PPC traffic to their sites. For this analysis, we looked at paid referrals from the Top 5 search engines

November Data Is Live on Site Analytics!

An early gift this holiday season – Check out the November monthly data on Site Analytics, Referral Analytics and Ranked Lists and as a reminder, Search Analytics data is updated daily!

Showtimes To Go: How the mobile web may be changing how we go to the movies

While Smartphone owners may use email, calendar and contacts most often, the people I know can’t live without at least one other feature of the mobile web. Some love their GPS, others like a constant feed of sports scores, others want to be able to see their Facebook friends’ status updates at all times. My personal favorite convenience is being able to look up movies and showtimes when I’m away

Fuel Economy Losing Importance to Auto Shoppers

In his first interview after the election, President-elect Barack Obama emphasized the importance of a new energy policy, worrying that when gas prices fall "suddenly we act like it’s not important, and we start, you know filling up our SUVs again." In October, the average price of a gallon of gasoline fell to $3.11, the lowest price since February and a dollar less than its peak in June. With gas

Diesel – The German Hybrid

Taking a look at BMW and Mercedes-Benz’s US based websites ( and respectively) and it’s easy to see that both are featuring their new diesels front and center. The Benz’s are currently on sale in the US with Beemer’s soon to come. Both vehicles are impressive with fast 0-60 times, more torque than their gasoline counterparts and of course, better fuel economy; both claim nearly 600 miles on just