People will still buy GM cars: Fact or Fiction?

No matter the resolution to the current state of the auto industry, the impact of a bailout on car buying behavior is much debated. Clearly people are concerned based on the traffic to With nearly 180,000 unique visitors in November; a 3000%+ increase over October.

How are people finding out about this site? In the chart below we can see that 3 of the top 10 sites referring people to are GM brands.

Furthermore, at number 10 is YouTube with the below video.

But how will it impact vehicle sales? See a great piece of market insight from our cousins at TNS who recently survey consumers on purchase intent. The TNS survey showed that in either scenario (Government aid or bankruptcy) vehicle sales are likely to be impacted negatively. Bankruptcy, however, the worse of the two, could potentially cost the industry $50 billion in sales.

So will people buy GM cars? The facts show that it really depends on the bailout — either way hold your breath.

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