Could the Blackberry Storm's Momentum Challenge iPhone Interest?

On Friday, the much-anticipated Blackberry Storm went on sale. Like many other recent Smartphone releases, the touchscreen, media player, and web-browsing features led to comparisons with the iPhone 3G.

Sales figures were not available at the time of this post, but we did get a sense of the online interest for the Storm versus the iPhone by looking at the number of people who researched the devices on the carrier and/or the manufacturer’s site in the weeks before the release.

The Storm may have started with less momentum than the iPhone 3G did, but it made significant gains in the weeks before it went on sale.

Note: Data shown for the iPhone is from June 8 to July 12th, 2008. Data shown for the Storm is from October 19th to November 15th.

Although data for the Storm release week of November 16th was not available at the time this post was written, we can see in the the chart that the Storm actually attracted more online interest the week before its release on the carrier and manufacturer’s site.

Of course, it would be difficult for any device to generate the same sustained interest that the iPhone 3G has enjoyed over the past several months. However, this data does suggest that it is possible rival interest in the iPhone 3G and for a significant lift in interest to happen the week before release.

Next week, we’ll have the data to see how much interest the Storm generated at release. Even if it doesn’t match iPhone interest, RIM’s first touchscreen device caught consumers’ attention in a significant way. Now let’s see how that interest translates to sales.

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