The Mobile Application Rush: Is the iPhone Really Leading the Way?

The Apple iPhone’s Application Store is considered an innovative step forward in creating a true convergence device. Although mobile apps are not new, from the T-Mobile G1 to the Blackberry Bold, everyone is hopping on the bandwagon.

But are iPhone owners really interested in mobile applications any more than other Smartphone users, or is it just hype? To find out, I looked at some survey data from Compete’s new Smartphone Intelligence product.

Source: Smartphone Intelligence
  • Smartphone owners are more likely to bypass applications altogether: 34% of Smartphone owners have not added an application to their phone, versus just 7% of iPhone users.
  • iPhone users are more likely to have added a number of different applications to their device: 72% had more than five applications on their phones, compared to only 23% of other Smartphone owners.

So why are iPhone owners adding more applications? It may be partly who they are; the device attracts young, tech savvy consumers. But part of the application appeal may be how easy it is to find and add them to the iPhone. Google and Blackberry are now both trying to emulate Apple’s App Store success with their latest Smartphones by opening their operating systems up to developers and creating their own marketplaces.

But will non-iPhone users eventually embrace applications to the same degree? Quite possibly. As Smartphone customers replace their devices, they’ll be looking at a variety of new models featuring convenient applications marketplaces and a diverse collection of content from many developers. Bigger screens and wi-fi connectivity, which make both entertainment and information-related applications richer, will likely become standard in high-end phones.

The evolution of the mobile phone into something more than just a communications device will reach a whole new level. But for now, the iPhone is leading the applications rush.

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