In the Mind of a Media Planner

"The options for placing media today are endless and I have had some interesting requests from clients that truly reflect the extent of those possibilities,” said Megan Hernandez, media planner at The Gate Worldwide. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Megan and got an insider’s view on what it means to be a media planner today. As a media planner Megan acts as the liaison between the creative team, account team and clients to develop media strategies and campaigns, as well as purchasing all approved media buys. Megan was able to offer some insight into this continually evolving field and on why her clients are moving to digital.

Are your clients moving towards digital media and away from more traditional sources?

This depends entirely on the client and their background. Digital is an attractive medium because of the tracking ability on the results and on how efficient each buy was. Clients love to be able to report back to their team about how each dollar was spent and the results of the entire campaign. I find that if a client is hesitant about digital advertising and we run a test campaign usually by the end of the test campaign they are already planning the next one!

What tips would you offer to digital advertisers?

  1. Know your audience. I understand that this sounds pretty elementary but in order to maximize your return on investment you must know your audience and where they are online in order to evaluate which sites target your core group.
  2. If budget allows, develop a micro site or landing page. This will be able to capture complete reporting and conversions and will help tailor the message of the campaign to the audience in order to keep their interest.
  3. Focus on reporting at the end of the campaign. It is extremely important to understand metrics and how successful your campaign was.

What advice do you have for advertisers as we head into 2009?”

Stay positive. At this time I understand that companies are experiencing budget cuts and advertising and marketing may be affected. No matter how large these budget cuts are, advertising is an essential part of a brand and one that cannot be overlooked. On a positive note, there are many mediums and strategies that can be adjusted to work within a company’s budget while still remaining effective. Right now, we are putting together many proposals for our clients to work within their smaller budget while still advertising in the proper mediums.

About Kristen Renda:
Kristen Renda serves as Marketing Manager for Compete. Since joining the company in 2008, she has been fully immersed in all aspects of Compete’s marketing programs; developing and executing both online and offline campaigns. Most notably, she plans and manages all company events including the annual Digital CMO Summit.

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