Monthly Archives: October 2008

Homepage Showdown: Quality of Clicks from the Web's Biggest Billboards

Ever wonder who clicks on the seemingly random ads on the Yahoo! Homepage? And why? You’re not alone, and Compete’s new research suggests that while many click, the value of any given clicker can vary widely. The Yahoo! Homepage and other mega-site’s top-level domains reach the greatest audiences on the net and yield the highest advertising revenue. With millions invested in these single pages every day, they represent marquee virtual

A New Crop of Smartphones — Something for Everyone?

This holiday season promises a few answers to the iPhone from Apple’s competitors. So far, the T-Mobile G1, the Blackberry Thunder, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 look like they could be contenders. Smartphones, with their higher contract prices and upfront costs, tend to attract more affluent consumers. In this economic climate, where consumers may have less disposable income or just be unwilling to spend it, extending that appeal to