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Are Consumers Clamoring for Mobile Banking?

Financial institutions are investing heavily to build technological platforms and strategic partnerships to capitalize upon the growth of the mobile banking channel. We wanted to separate the hype from the reality by exploring one fundamental question: Is there really significant consumer demand for performing banking activities on a mobile device? The results of a recent survey targeted at online bankers illustrates that the mobile market, although still in its infancy,

September data is live – Weather, Government, NFL and Halloween costume sites soar

September data is now live on! See what’s changed for the sites you care about with Compete’s Site Analytics, Ranked Lists and Referral Analytics tools. One of the more interesting ways to use Compete data is to highlight the shifting web-wide trends in online consumer interest, and September proved to be no exception. With major hurricanes at the beginning of the month, the economic turmoil at the month’s end,

Can Zune Compete with iPod?

MP3 players will be on consumers’ shopping lists this holiday season, but can anyone compete with Apple’s family of iPods? There are many MP3 players on the market, but if any device could be a viable alternative to the iPod, the Zune seems to be a likely candidate. Free from the iTunes DRM on music, it also boasts a built-in FM radio tuner and a set of music-discovery and sharing

Increase the VW Routan Boom – Keyword Phrase "Brooke Shields"

Commercials for the new Volkswagen Routan starring Brooke Shields began hitting the airwaves in mid-September and peaked this past weekend, according to TNS Adscope. I don’t know about you, but I spent many hours in front of the TV with the Red Sox playing every day except Sunday, with the Patriots filling that gap, and I certainly had had enough of this commercial by the end of Monday night’s game.

Interview with Communispace VP of Marketing Diane Tarr-Smith

As marketers we know that the need to listen to, understand and engage customers more intently is intensified during difficult market conditions. I recently interviewed Diane Tarr-Smith, VP of Marketing at Communispace to find out how private online communities can help. How can a company use a community as part of a larger marketing and social media strategy? Think of it this way — imagine you sell soft drinks and

Do Consumers Only Have Eyes for the iPhone?

From T-Moblile’s G1 to Verizon Wireless’ BlackBerry Storm, there are a lot of exciting smartphones due to be released in the next few months"¦ but can anything, no matter how innovative, displace the iPhone in the minds of consumers? To get a sense of which of the current crop of mobile devices were appealing to iPhone researchers, I took a look at Compete’s data to see what percentage of the

Slow Back-to-School Season for both Wal-Mart and Target, but Strong in Electronics, Apparel

As economic woes seep out of the financial sector and gas prices shake consumer confidence, American shoppers are learning how to be bargain hunters. However, for Wal-Mart and Target, two of America’s most popular discount retailers, September sales fell short of expectations in a Back-to-School season that usually lifts the books. In the online world, last month was certainly a dismal one for growth as these retail giants maneuver for

How Effective Are Online Financial Tools?

Are you one of the millions of Americans checking the status of your retirement funds more often than you check the time these past few weeks? Planning for retirement probably seems like a more daunting task than ever, so many financial services companies have developed online tools to help investors of all ages determine how to reach individual retirement savings goals. The benefits are twofold — investors receive quick retirement

Travel Search: Hotwire Heating Up in Demographic Segment Performance

The major online travel agencies are in constant competition to be the top performer in the search game, but not all searches are created equal. Many marketers are only interested in attracting specific desirable customer segments that will be most likely to engage with their product. One of these segments is high-income women travelers between the ages of 35 and 44, which Hotwire has been increasingly successful in attracting search-driven

Boxing vs MMA: Which Sport Are Fight Fans Turning To?

This past Saturday night, CBS broadcast its 3rd live mixed martial arts primetime event. The show, which featured Internet sensation "Kimbo Slice" losing via quick knockout in the main event, was promoted heavily by CBS for the past few weeks. How many consumers are interested in MMA as a sport, and how far has it come in comparison to boxing in popularity? The most popular MMA websites now far outrank

Who is the New #1 in the Banking Industry?

As a Washington Mutual account holder, my greatest concern about WaMu’s viability became a reality last Friday. WaMu, known for its breezy "WhooHoo!" advertising and bright colors, was no more, and now I am officially an account holder at JP Morgan Chase. I immediately logged onto to see what information Chase was providing for potentially nervous WaMu customers (this would have been prior to reading the Q&A guide posted