September data is live – Weather, Government, NFL and Halloween costume sites soar

September data is now live on! See what’s changed for the sites you care about with Compete’s Site Analytics, Ranked Lists and Referral Analytics tools.

One of the more interesting ways to use Compete data is to highlight the shifting web-wide trends in online consumer interest, and September proved to be no exception. With major hurricanes at the beginning of the month, the economic turmoil at the month’s end, and the NFL season in gear all month long, many of the fastest-growing sites had to do with weather, government, or the NFL:

  • First Gustav, then Hanna, and then Ike had weather, local and gov. sites buzzing: Interest in the hurricanes pushed three sites onto the top movers list –,, and
  • Bye Bye Weekend Warriors: With football back in full swing, has now become the weekend hangout – illustrated nicely by a spike in reach on the weekends to
  • Bailout buzz ended the month in a flurry:,, and got the nations attention when debating the bailout for the country’s ills.
  • Are you still watching football? ruled vs. the debate at and when looking at reach for those sites during the critical –bailout weekend.
  • If all that wasn’t spooky enough: Halloween costume sites grew at a faster seasonal pace than expected. Check out (219%+) and (180%+) for the latest and greatest data on trends to those sites.

Compete Top Moving Sites

This analysis was all done using Compete Product – Ranked lists! For the entire list of sites you’re interested in (up to 500,000) Compete Ranked lists can show the month-over-month change for any metric you choose. Take advantage of Compete Pro and conduct your own analysis. Then dive in deeper to find out if these movers saw consistent growth, or an event driven spike with Daily Reach or find which sites are getting the most for their money through our newest Compete Pro procuct – Referral Analytics

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