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Voters Watching Online Video More Engaged in the Election, Cisco/Compete Survey Finds

Traffic to online video on popular news sites, video blogs, YouTube and other sites has seen a 5x increase since our last presidential election in 2004, but has online video changed how people engage in politics this time around? The latest results of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Pulse Survey, which includes data from Compete and responses from about 1,800 registered U.S. voters, found that the internet is second only to

Palin's Short-lived Online Impact Dims McCain's Chances

As the presidential race enters its long-last homestretch this weekend, Barack Obama continues to leverage his online advantage to feed his campaign’s insatiable appetite for campaign contributions to fuel his massive advertising blitz (Exhibit A: last night’s nationwide infomercial). Compete’s most recent data on traffic to the candidates’ websites shows that attracted over 3 million unique visitors last week, compared to the 1.3 million that visited Absent an

Are Consumers Giving Up P2P in Favor of Industry Sanctioned Download Sites?

The online channel, originally considered a threat to the music and movie industries, has become an increasingly important distribution channel. Over the last several years, we’ve seen more and more industry-sanctioned content download sites. Services like eMusic, Napster (the legal version), Rhapsody, and iTunes have grown their inventories and membership. At the same time, companies that used to peddle hard copies of their respective media are turning to the online

MLB Playoff Viewing Down, Fans Turning To Online Channels

There was speculation that MLB playoff TV ratings would suffer this year with the New York Yankees missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. It looks like not even rooting against hated rivals was enough to draw in all those lost fans, as viewership has fallen off for both the early rounds and the World Series. But has this downturn been exclusive to television? In short,

Top 10 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Their Bank

Financial services marketers certainly spend a lot of time and effort in understanding why people choose to bank with them or decide to bank with a competitor. Compete recently fielded a survey to more than 1,600 online bankers to understand the factors that led them to choose their primary bank. Factors included a mix of both online and offline activities. The offline channel is by far the most popular factor

The Undiscovered Best: How Yahoo! Actually Leads Paid Search

When Microsoft made an uninvited bid for Yahoo! last February, Yahoo! mounted a "No Sacred Cows" takeover defense and explored all options, even the once unthinkable: outsourcing some search ads to once arch-rival Google. The conventional wisdom behind the partnership, which was officially announced in June and has been under anti-trust review since then, is that Google is better at monetizing searches than Yahoo!, and that as a result of

Compete & Google Team Up to Understand Wireless Shoppers

These are challenging and turbulent times for the wireless industry. As mobile phone ownership approaches saturation, both carriers and device manufacturers need to attract new subscribers from competitors while retaining their existing customer base. In the current economic climate and on the verge of holiday shopping season, understanding how and why wireless consumers do what they do is more important than ever. To help marketers navigate this challenging landscape, this

iPhone Killers?

As of yesterday, consumers could bring home the new T-Mobile G1, an HTC-designed device that will be the first to run Google’s Android operating system. Could the G1 emerge as an iPhone Killer? Although only time will tell what consumers will choose, I took a look at the competitive field to date to see if any of the top 5 mobile devices most viewed by online iPhone researchers at AT&T’s

Search Engines are Re-Shaping Hotel Booking Funnels

Traditionally the online hotel conversion process or funnel has been viewed as consisting of at least 5 basic steps: A consumer visits a hotel website homepage A hotel search is performed A room is selected Personal and credit card information is entered The booking process is completed and a confirmation is viewed In addition to these steps, under the traditional conversion funnel, consumers may choose to click through and view

Electoral Tea-Leaf Reading: Which States are Leading Online?

As Senators Barack Obama and John McCain crisscross the country in search of votes, clog the airwaves with advertisements, and tighten their seemingly iron grip in the popular media and blogosphere, it’s no surprise that Americans are paying increasing attention to the race. Compete’s latest data on traffic trends to the candidate’s websites shows Obama maintaining his 2 to 1 advantage online. Of course for all that’s made of national

September Search Market Share: Query Volume Leaps on Back-to-School and Economic Concerns, Google Leads Growth

Ah, September. When leaves begin to turn, school kids doff their backpacks, the economy tanks and Google sets a new record for search market share and hits the 2nd greatest month/month query volume growth in the past 13 months. Interestingly, most of the other search engines also grew query volume, demonstrating the magnitude of students and concerned investors returning to their web browsers. MSN/Live was the only search engine that