Compete PRO now has Referral Analytics!

Imagine a world where you could see where your competitors were getting traffic, and also know where 97% of your potential customers were going after visiting your site! Before now, it was almost impossible to find great data on your rivals’ customer acquisition tactics – equally frustrating was trying to understand where people were going when they left your site.

Well, fly blind no more! The Compete PRO Team has just launched Referral Analytics with referral and destination reports on Compete PRO. With data on over One Million Websites, these two reports give you swiss-army precise information about your online marketing and site design effectiveness. And the best part of it is that you can now get this information for yourself and your key competitors on a monthly basis. See the screenshot below for a visual example:

Screenshot of TinyURL Referral Analytics

The deal!

Compete PRO’s Referral Analytics Reports are available to Compete Pro Advanced or Enterprise customers. You can now save $2,000 (33%) off the Advanced Annual PRO subscription plan by upgrading today. On top of that for the remainder of September you can run unlimited Referral Reports!

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About Gregg Poulin:
Gregg Poulin is a General Manager at Compete. Gregg spends his time at Compete ensuring information is available to the masses. Before Gregg joined the Compete Team he sold womens' shoes and coffee machines online. Gregg hopes to one day be a toll taker or chief hamburger flipper. Follow Gregg on Twitter @greggpoulin or connect with him on LinkedIn at

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