August data is live — School and sports related sites soar

August data is now live on! August data is now live on! See what’s changed for the sites you care with Compete’s Site Analytics and Ranked Lists tools.

One of the more interesting ways to use Compete data is to highlight the shifting web-wide trends in online consumer interest, and August proved to be no exception. With School coming back in session, and the Olympics happening throughout the month, many of the fastest growing sites dealt with sports, books, or dorm rooms. Additional findings:

  • Gold medal in online media:, a one-stop-shop for information, stats, and rich media on the 2008 games grew over 40X August. It also captured nearly 50 million visits — making it the 47th US site (by visits) in that month.
  • Bye Bye Productivity: With football coming back in season, Fantasy Football is about to become a managerial nightmare again — illustrated nicely by a 203% spike in traffic to
  • Foul weather drives gale force traffic: Interest in hurricanes pushed two sites onto the movers list –, and

Compete Top Moving Sites

Looking at Daily reach – the share of online consumers visiting a site per day over the last month, traffic to is particularly impressive For the entire Beijing games, over 1.2% of all online U.S consumers visited the site on any given day. It’s also interesting to note that the America people appeared to get a bit burned out by the games, shown by the initial spike in reach, a peak surrounding Michael Phelps’ last few swimming events, and then trailing off by 25% shortly after. See the chart below for a daily reach comparison of top moving sites.

Interested in conducting your own analysis?
All of the data in this post is available through Compete’s Ranked Lists and Site Analytics tools. Jump into the data and let us know what else has changed!

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