Fidelity's Fresh Approach to Retirement Marketing

As this country’s Boomer generation enters into their 60’s many are looking forward to retirement. In turn, investment firms are looking to attract the attention and dollars of these individuals as they try to solidify their financial situation before leaving the workforce. It is no surprise that Fidelity, one of the nation’s leading institutions, has gone to innovative lengths to attract those individuals approaching retirement.

One such campaign is the Fidelity-sponsored "Focus on Retirement" series of articles running on Yahoo! Finance since late last year. Located center mast on this financial portal’s home page is a featured article that Fidelity makes very apparent that it sponsors (with both a link to its site and a line of text). These articles cover a wide assortment of retirement-related issues ranging from healthcare/financial decisions to popular retirement vacation spots.

The "Focus on Retirement" articles have been getting substantial readership throughout the year. Average traffic to the articles in the first half of 2008 was approximately 523,000 unique visitors/month. While readership is all well and good, driving traffic to Fidelity’s own site from these articles is essential for the success of the campaign. There has been consistent overlap between readers of the articles and visitors to On average approximately 65,000 article readers per month click through to

This equates to around 13% of readers each month making their way to Fidelity’s site. Of particular interest is the fact that the trend holds pretty constant even as readership of the articles declined starting in February. From an efficiency standpoint the past few months have been the most effective at driving traffic from article readers.

This campaign is a good example of a marketing effort that is mutually beneficial to both the consumer and company. Far too often we see straight advertising that does not provide the viewer with usable and relevant information. With the "Focus on Retirement" series Fidelity is raising the bar by sponsoring quality content designed to assist consumers in planning for an important life event such as retirement.

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