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Are Your Financials Minty Fresh?

In July, we posted a blog about the rising traffic of the finance sections of the major portals (e.g. Yahoo! Finance, MSN MoneyCentral). In the blog, we hypothesized that the increase in online interest for financial research and information is contributing to increased interest by people researching their personal finances online as people are taking a closer tab on their finances these days. This interest caused me to take a

QWERTY and Touchscreen: Better Together?

The much anticipated T-Mobile G1, the HTC-made answer to the iPhone that will run Google’s Android operating system, was announced Tuesday. Like other smart phones before it, the G1 will have both a touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard. When the hyper-popular iPhone already features a virtual touch screen keyboard, does it make sense to offer both a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard to consumers? According to our data, blending

Why BankRate is so (G)RATE

I admit it — I love using to find the best savings account rates and to use their online calculators. I’m not the only one, between 3 and 4.5 million Americans use the site every month and that number is growing steadily, up 20% year-over-year. But my love for the site, has not necessarily translated into universal love for the stock on Wall Street – RATE is down about

Accountable Advertising on the Internet: A unique perspective from Avinash Kaushik

2008 has been a year of unprecedented change in the automotive industry: with declining new vehicle sales, tightened credit markets, and rapidly changing fuel prices, it’s clear that consumer demand shifted. Consumer automotive demand was down 25% in August from its 2007 level Demand was down 37% from its August 2006 level These changes require a renewed focus on managing marketing resources effectively — in particular, your media dollars —

Compete PRO now has Referral Analytics!

Imagine a world where you could see where your competitors were getting traffic, and also know where 97% of your potential customers were going after visiting your site! Before now, it was almost impossible to find great data on your rivals’ customer acquisition tactics – equally frustrating was trying to understand where people were going when they left your site. Well, fly blind no more! The Compete PRO Team has

August Online Video Market Share: Politics and the Olympics Take the Top 5 by Storm

Growth at Google’s YouTube slowed dramatically in August, coming in essentially flat after months of consecutive gains of 3 — 5%. Despite the slowdown, Google still overwhelming led the field with 55.4% share of video viewing visits. As the gap between YouTube and everybody else continued to widen, two players debuted in the top ranks in August, thanks to major news events. The Democratic National Convention gave a big boost

Will Consumers Flip for the Newest Member of the BlackBerry Family?

I love new cell phone releases — a new cell phone makes me as happy as a kid in a candy store! Partly because I study cell phones here at Compete, but I also love these nifty little contraptions and all of the fun stuff we can do with them these days. Every new cell phone model boasts cooler features and smarter applications then its predecessors. Still, the allure of

August Search Market Share Update: Rivals Cede to Google's Lead

From the Beijing Olympic Games to war on Russia’s doorstep to the DNC Convention and Hurricane Gustav, 2008 livened up the dog days of August and, not to be undone, Search followed suit. Google set a new record in August, gaining query volume and market share again as rival engines struggled. All rivals ceded market share to Google, and Club Live deepened the dip at Windows Live. (Note that these

Is the iPod Touch Really an iPod?

Analysts generally weren’t too impressed with Steve Jobs’ announcements about new iPod features and lower prices last week in San Francisco. But in light of the new iPhone 3G released in July with a lot of hype and a lower price, the new $229+ price tag on the iPod Touch was an interesting move. Is Apple is trying to make the Touch appeal to people who want an iPhone but

Lipstick Happens: McCain's VP Pick Shakes up the Race, Online Too

Now this race is really getting interesting. The announcements in August of Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as their party’s Vice Presidential candidates have defined the race over the last few weeks. After long trailing in national and battleground polls, fundraising and the all important buzz factor, McCain’s surprising choice served as both a shot in the arm for the GOP base and a punch to the

Happy Birthday GM! Your Present? Volt's Apparent Success!

Everyone is sick of hearing about gas prices, but the truth is that the rise in gas prices has had a significant impact on the automotive industry as a whole. Some manufacturers have cut or stopped production altogether, while others have delayed new vehicle launches, closed plants, and placed historically high amounts of cash on the hood, all in an effort to avoid total destruction. In an attempt to survive,