Monthly Archives: August 2008 Now in Control of its Own Destiny

For the past seven years, visitors to have been automatically redirected to Border’s hosted site on While hitching a ride on Amazon’s phenomenal growth at one time was likely a sound business decision, in hind sight that short-term fix to Border’s ecommerce woes handicapped Border’s online growth and its brand in general. The Border’s store on lacked its own identity and gave shoppers little incentive to continue

The Dark Knight: Is the Knight of the Box-Office Also the Knight of Online Search?

Since its release on 17th July, The Dark Knight has managed to stay at the top of the box-office chart for four straight weeks. Looking at its overwhelming box-office success, I became curious about its popularity in the online world. I compared the search trend for the Dark Knight against the other two summer blockbusters, Iron Man and Indiana Jones — The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, during their release

Priceline Guarantees Sunshine, Gets Conversion

Have you ever had a relaxing getaway at the beach rained out and wished there was some sort of compensation you could get for your lack of a tan? In the absence of a long-awaited good weather guarantee from Mother Nature, Priceline has stepped up and taken the initiative. Their quirky Sunshine Guaranteed offer promises to refund vacation package purchases if an excessive amount of rainfall takes place on the

Olympics Online: ESPN, Yahoo!, NBC Battling for Gold

Although the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics don’t start until tonight, some events have already begun. Likewise, the flow of traffic online for the Olympics got an early start this year, reaching an early peak during the height of last month’s qualifying competitions. NBC’s official Olympics site ( is gaining steam leading up to tonight, as are the Olympics sections on two popular sports websites: and Yahoo! Sports.

July data is now live! Media sites dominate top movers

July data is now live on! What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the sites that grew the most from June to July to get a better idea of where online traffic is flowing. Whether it’s the heat of summer, gas prices trapping people at home or something else entirely, several rich media sites saw a huge jump in traffic in July.

Where is the Growth in Vehicle Insurance?

Recently, Compete posted a blog interview with Jon Swallen, SVP of Research for TNS Media Intelligence. In the blog, Jon details the state of the auto insurance market, which included his view on growth opportunities within car & other vehicle insurance. Jon specifically addressed the growing importance of specialty lines, such as motorcycle, boat, and small commercial auto as private passenger auto business growth slows. We took a look at

Could Soaring Traffic to RIM and Samsung Sites Spell Trouble for Motorola?

When people are looking at wireless phones, the carriers’ sites play a crucial role in the research and shopping process, but manufacturers’ web presence is playing an increasingly important role. The number of people who visited their sites every month is one indicator of an OEM’s popularity relative to competitors’. In June, traffic to Motorola’s universe of sites (shown here in pink) was exceeded for the first time by not

Interview with Digital Marketing Rock Star Mitch Joel

In an interview with Avinash Kaushik, I asked who I should interview next for the Compete blog and Avinash said emphatically, Mitch Joel. "I don’t know of anyone else who has a better handle on all things Social Media and Web 2.0 and Marketing 2.0 and how the web is fundamentally altering our lives." Mitch is President of Twist Image — a digital marketing and communications agency. Marketing Magazine dubbed

June Online Video Market Share: YouTube and Jokeroo Crash Network's Summer Vacation

YouTube continued its inexorable drive upward and onward in June, propelling Google to new heights of a 47.8% market share of all video viewing visits on the web. That’s up 2.3 share points versus May and nearly 14 points compared to a year ago. Meanwhile the best of the rest gave up share to GooTube, with Yahoo! in particular taking a big hit of .7 share points in June and

Retailers Race to be Head of the Class

As the end of summer approaches and July turns to August, many families are overcome by grief and relief: the former from students, that the first homeroom is near, and the latter from parents, for the same reason. With every advertisement baiting families with the "best" Back-to-School sales of the season, three major office supply retailers prepare to battle for the buck in the online channel. A baseline check ranks