July Search Market Share Update: Everyone Dips But Google

Things move a little slower in the summer. Right? Well that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway with our search share numbers being published a bit later in the month than we typically like to get them in your hands. Oh well better late than never.
July turned out to be a return to the norm with everyone losing share to Google. With the exception of the Club Live enhanced Windows Live search numbers everyone’s market share dipped lower while Google’s climbed to new heights.

Year-over-year, the volume of queries being perfomed on Google by the US Adult population was up 44%. In contrast, Yahoo! query volume was down more than 14% year-over-year, while Windows Live search (excluding Club Live) was essentially flat. If you fold in the Club Live numbers Windows Live Search volume was actually up about 27% from this time last year.

The overview (excluding Club Live from the market) "¦

  • Google share climbed to over 70% on roughly 5% m-o-m query volume gains
  • Yahoo! dipped to a new low of 18.1% market share on flat query volume
  • Windows Live Search dropped slightly to around 7.5% marketshare (if you account for Club Live search this bumps up to around 13% and a slight gain m-o-m)
  • Ask share dipped slightly to 2.5% on a 6% m-o-m decline in volume
  • AOL seems to be slipping away with market share holding just above 1% after continued query losses
  • Next up "¦ Dog days of August

If you want to get your hands on the actual data in this post and a lot more don’t forget to check out Compete’s Data Hub.

*Search market share includes web search only for the Adult US Online Population and is calculated based on unique queries within each session during the given month.

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